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Hani Zeini Explains the Significance of Using Technology in the Classroom



Hani Zeini Explains the Significance of Using Technology in the Classroom

Students are more driven when technology is involved. They are both interested as well as engaged in the use of technology. It creates various opportunities for both teachers and students to benefit from integrating the numerous forms of technology inside the classroom. It makes the teaching-learning process lively and more effective. Hani Zeini gives a lot of emphasis on the ways technology impacts the educational system in modern times.

Take a look at the following benefits of technology in the teaching-learning process, as illustrated by Hani Zeini

It helps improve engagement:

By integrating technology into the lessons, the teacher may ensure learners are motivated and interested in the subject, as well as making the learning experience more enjoyable and long-lasting. Here the teacher has to always look for ways to improve their teaching aids to engage them in the learning process.

Increases knowledge retention:

Learners who are interested and engaged in technological activities perform and study better as knowledge retention capacity improves. Technology helps the students participate actively in classroom tasks and helps them retain knowledge for a longer time. According to Hani Zeini, different sorts of technological tools may be used by the teacher to experiment and decide which one works best.

Gives a boost to individual learning:

The teacher has to keep in mind that every learner has a unique way of grasping knowledge. They have also varied learning styles and different kinds of abilities. For making learning a more effective process, technology provides incredible opportunities for every learner. Students may learn, review, and engage in numerous sorts of activities at their speed. In addition to this, technology is also a benefit for students with disabilities. The Internet provides students with access to a wide range of resources, which increases their engagement.

Life skills:

In the modern world where academics and talents get equal importance, teachers can utilize technology to develop particular skills in their learners. These skills will assist the learner in gaining success in the future. According to Hani Zeini by collaborating with other students in the classroom, they may develop social skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, communication skills, and leadership skills.

Benefits for the teacher:

Teachers who are the facilitators of the teaching-learning process may use the virtual platform to make the learning experience more attractive and long-lasting. To enhance collaboration and shared-knowledge, the teacher may also use their valuable time for searching those applications, which may help them engage the students in the daily lesson.

It comes without saying that technology assists in improving the teaching-learning process in various ways. The educators may utilize several applications and online resources for enhancing the traditional or conventional method of teaching. The teacher may use grading software, virtual lesson plans, and online assessment programs to save time. In the present world, highly skilled teachers with technological knowledge are a must. They can also create a generation of talented students.


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