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Learn How You Can You Get a Technology-Based Degree Online

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bootcamp,Learn How You Can You Get a Technology-Based Degree Online

Technology-based degrees are some of the most profitable in the world STEM programs from kindergarten on prepare the youngest generations for a society dominated by technology. Young adults are entering the workforce with greater knowledge than even their older siblings; you may only be in your 30s or 40s but find yourself completely behind the curve and in need of a change.

If you’re looking for a high-earning career with abundant diversity, tech could be the field for you. Those looking to change career paths often find that they can crossover their previous experience with their new skillset, which is both beneficial in their job hunt and rewarding on a personal level.

But how do you learn the skills you need from home or while you work? Adults can’t quit their jobs to become full-time students, especially if they already have a family. There are also plenty of young adults who are unable to move away from home or attend an on-campus program full-time. Fear not, as there are plenty of online tech degrees you can choose from, and most of them are more affordable and flexible than the ones you’ll find at a traditional college.

Skill Bootcamps vs. Degree

If you want to skip the two- or four-year course and do something more practical and hands-on, then a bootcamp could be the best alternative. Led by industry professionals, these workshops offer in-depth skill training that target specific career paths. You’ll learn everything you need to score your next job in the industry from the professionals currently excelling in it. Most bootcamps last around three to four months, though some offer extended courses that last for six months to a year. In general, they are designed to be fast and efficient, though they do require a substantial time commitment during the program that may not fit with your schedule.

Paying for Education

Although bootcamps are more enticing due to their shorter time frame, they also come at a hefty cost. A programming bootcamp can cost anywhere between $15,000 to over $50,000. Rather than requiring payment entirely upfront, they either have hefty repayment plans or deferred tuition that you have to start repaying after you get a job in the field. This can significantly impact your income level after you complete your program, and it may not be a wise investment depending on the program and your first salary.

For professionals, an online degree is the most accessible and convenient option for furthering education. The cost is also more flexible than traditional programs and bootcamps. Paying for your degree can be done through scholarships, financial aid and private student loans. A private student loan is flexible and designed to meet both your academic and personal needs, as there are many different options available to borrowers. You also have the ability to refinance later on, which makes them a desirable option for many students, especially adults who want to use the funds for other expenses.

Online Computer Science Degrees

Earning your bachelor’s degree in computer science or a similar tech discipline will take four to five years. If you already have a degree or some previous college experience, you may be able to transfer credits to your program and complete your degree in half the time. Online programs are self-paced, though they do have deadlines. This means you’ll log into your school’s platform and be assigned homework and projects each term and typically be required to turn them in on a weekly basis. When and how you study, however, is entirely up to you.