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How to Achieve a V-Shaped Face: Botox Dysport & Other Alternatives



How to Achieve a V-Shaped Face: Botox Dysport & Other Alternatives

We all live in a world where beauty is defined by our social media feeds. This has left many people feeling unhappy with their appearance, and more than ever before, looking for ways to improve it. One way that many people think will help in achieving the v-shaped face. Unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with this shape naturally, so what’s the next best thing? Botox!

A v-shaped face shape is coveted by many due to its slimming and youthful appearance. If you’re looking or seeking an ideal solution to achieving that slim face, visiting a derma clinic like Sozo Clinic would be your best bet. Such derma clinics offer Botox Dysport, which can be used to achieve this desired effect, but there are other ways as well.

This article will cover the different treatments that can help you create a v-shaped face and what factors contribute to achieving this look. But first, let’s learn about the “V-shape” face.

What is the V-Shape Face?

A v-shape face is characterized by a sharp jawline and more defined cheekbones. This shape can be achieved in two ways: through invasive (surgical) or non-invasive (non-surgical) procedures.

Invasive procedures include jaw surgery, which is a surgical procedure done to reduce the size of your maxilla and mandible. Non-invasive methods can be achieved through Botox Dysport or face slimming injections.

What is Botox Dysport

Botox Dysport is a new wrinkle solution, offering the benefits of Botox with an added ingredient to provide even more visible reduction in jawline and cheekbone area. It’s designed for people who want their wrinkles – particularly around the mouth, and upper cheeks (smoker lines) smoothed out without affecting other areas on their face such as the forehead or crow’s feet.

How can Botox Dysport Achieve the V-Shape?

If you are not looking for waiting periods that last several months before seeing results, then Botox Dysport injections would be the better option for v-shaped face shaping. The procedure involves injecting a solution of botulinum neurotoxin into targeted areas (face) to relax the muscles that are causing the jawline to look square.

Invasive Alternatives to Botox Dysport

Other than Botox Dysport, there are invasive alternatives to achieving that V-shaped face.


Threading for jaw reduction is a quick, easy and painless technique involving the use of cotton thread. This is done by twisting it tightly across your jawline in order to pull up the skin, which decreases that jowls appearance under an individual’s chin while also reducing wrinkles on their cheeks from repeated muscle contractions.


If you are looking or seeking the quickest way to achieve this look, then visiting an experienced medical practitioner would be your best bet. A surgical procedure would be a facelift. The procedure involves cutting out excess skin from the neck and wrapping it around the chin area, creating a sharper V-shaped appearance of the lower portion of their face as well as reducing double chins on their cheeks. Ideally, tightening loose tissue that has begun sagging due to age or weight fluctuations resulting in ageing giving them less volume than before.

The jaw surgery is more invasive, and the recovery time can be up to six weeks or longer depending on your age, weight and other health factors impacting healing times, such as smoking status.


If you plan to opt for something more permanent than non-invasive treatments can offer, implants might be right for your needs. Jaw implants are surgically implanted into the area of your face where there’s excess flesh and bone is removed in order to create an even jawline without having any scars or visible signs of surgery on your body. This treatment lasts forever with only one downside: it can cost tens of thousands depending on what type of implant will suit your requirements best.

Non-invasive Alternatives

While surgical or invasive procedures won’t always be the best option for some people, especially those afraid to go through the whole surgical process, there are many non-invasive alternatives to achieving that v-shaped face.


Liposuction is a non-invasive procedure that can help reduce the size of your jaw and give you more definition. The drawback to this treatment option it’s not permanent, so after 12 months or longer, you may need another liposuction session to keep your jaw slimmed down.

Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Laser resurfacing treatments are another non-invasive treatment for jaw slimming. Laser treatment can tone the jawline by delivering laser energy into the skin to shrink and tighten the skin tissue. Unfortunately, like liposuction treatments, this option isn’t permanent either, so you may need a few sessions before you have that desired jaw shape.

Some possible side effects may include redness, swelling, temporary discolouration, numbness and crusting. These can last anywhere from days up to several weeks after each session before fading away completely, so you should plan accordingly ahead of

Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are another way to achieve that v-shaped face. Facial exercises will tone your jawline, and in order for it to be effective, you’ll need to perform these daily by clenching your teeth together or by pulling back the corners of your mouth as if smiling but without actually smiling.

This option won’t work on its own, though and should always be paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise routine to see optimal results. Results may not show up for at least six months, so this is definitely not an overnight fix!

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