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7 Ways Landscaping is More Than Just Cutting Grass




Many translate the word ‘landscaping’ into mowing the lawns. While landscaping involves mowing the lawn, it’s not just that. It’s beyond that. It’s broad. Landscaping is the process of transforming an outdoor space into a beautiful haven that changes the stature of a property.

Still believe landscaping is all about cutting grass? Well, continue reading. We are about to justify how it’s more than that.

1. Planting Trees and Shrubs

Planting trees and shrubs is a vital process in landscaping. Needless to say, they can make a space more aesthetic, green and refreshing.

That’s not all!

  • Well-placed trees and shrubs can furnish you with shade from the blazing sun
  • Large trees can keep your home cool, reducing air conditioning costs.
  • When planted in rows and hedges, trees and shrubs can boost privacy by creating screens and barriers.

Always, make sure you select the right trees and shrubs so that they survive and thrive in the environment.

Partnering with the right landscape company in Dubai can make things a breeze for you.

2. Adding Patios and Decks

Another integral part of landscaping is designing and placing Patios and Decks in the yard.

Don’t you sit with your loved ones in the evening and chit-chatting and sipping tea? Patios and Decks would be perfect for that.

  • Landscape architects use materials like concrete, brick, or stone pavers to build patios. For Decks, they use wood or composite lumber.
  • Patios and Decks create comfortable spaces to enjoy the landscape and beautiful weather.
  • With furniture, outdoor rugs, planters, and other decor elements, you could maximize the aesthetics and comfort.

So, did you know that Patios and Decks were part of landscaping?

3. Installing Fences

Landscape design often constitutes fences as well.

While fences can uplift the aesthetics of your space, they provide safety as well similar.

  • Tall fences can keep unwanted visitors at bay and prevent children and pets from wandering off the property.
  • By placing metal spikes, pointed caps, or wire mesh, you can also prevent anyone from climbing over
  • For an aesthetic appeal, wooden fences made from cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated pine would be ideal. This may require sealing, staining, or painting periodically.
  • As a low-maintenance alternative, there are Vinyl fences that never require painting or staining.

4. Adding Water Features

Landscaping activities can be categorized as Softscaping and hardscaping. And, adding water features falls under the former.

Like other landscape elements, water fountains or ponds make a yard look pleasing.

  • The gentle sound of rushing water adds a soothing auditory element.
  • Water also attracts beneficial wildlife like birds who come to drink and bathe.
  • Also, the moisture helps counteract dryness and keeps the air cooler during summer.

Simply put, water features improve aesthetics, and boost tranquillity.

Joining hands with a reputed landscaping company like Bliss Gardens would be the best bet to get the best output.

5. Adding Stones and Gravel

Stones and gravel make your landscape visually appealing. They are one of the common elements in landscaping designs.

Since they are available in an array of colours, sizes, and textures, they can complement any style.

For areas that already possess stones naturally, most landscapers aim to incorporate them in the designs, avoiding the need to move or remove them from the site.

6. Installing Lighting

Have you seen properties with pathways that have light posts along flanks?

Well, that is a landscaper’s art.

Lights illuminate a space at night, providing better security and preventing accidents.

  • Bright motion-sensor floodlights on the corners of a home deter burglars and vandals.
  • Subtle low-voltage path lighting guides visitors to entrances safely without creating glare.
  • Lighting around pools, hot tubs, or ponds helps prevent dangerous nighttime falls.

Don’t you now get how vital lighting is in landscapes?

7. Maintaining and Pruning

A landscaper’s job won’t end after the project delivery.

They are responsible to maintain the landscape and ensure its beauty.

  • Pruning removes dead or damaged branches that can pose a threat if left unattended.
  • For flowering shrubs, pruning makes room for new buds.
  • With regards to trees, pruning ensures they remain in good and less dangerous structure.

Aside from pruning, landscapes require other maintenance to keep them functioning and looking their best.

  • Weeding, mowing, raking, and blowing remove debris and prevent plants from becoming overgrown.
  • Aerating, dethatching, and reseeding lawns improve their health.
  • Replenishing mulch retains moisture and limits weeds.

Long story short, it’s like having a baby. Our job is not done once the baby is born.

The same is the case with landscapes. Once the project is complete, thorough maintenance is mandatory to keep it in full health.

Winding Up

So, there you have it! We now believe you are now convinced that landscaping is more than just cutting grass. It involves adding patios and decks, planting trees and shrubs, installing fences, adding water features, adding stones and gravel, installing lighting and maintenance.

As we said earlier, it is broader than you think.


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