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Jen’s English Tip’s – Phrasal verbs

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Phrasal verbs


Here are some common phrasal verbs in English.

Screw up

When something screws up somebody, it confuses or hurts them or does not work.

Scratch out or Eke out

To scratch out is to make a living with great difficulty.

Seal off

To seal off an area is to block it to prevent entry to it.

Set off

To set off is to start a journey. It can also mean to set off (explode) a bomb

Shake off

To shake something off is to get rid of it.

Spruce up

To spruce up is to smarten up ones clothing or redecorate something.

Splash out

To splash out is to spend a lot of money on something One can splash out on a holiday.

Stick around

To stick around is to stay in the same place for a long time.

Dish out

To dish out is to give something (usually criticism) in large amounts.

Spew out

To spew something out is to produce a lot of it.

Spark off

To spark something off is to make it happen. They had an accident which sparked off a fight.

Shoot off

To shoot off is to leave in a hurry. It is also to boast (shoot off ones mouth).

Mug up

To mug up is to study hard.

Stand by (somebody)

To stand by someone is to support them when they need you.

Stand (somebody) up

To stand somebody up is to arrange to meet somebody and not go. My date stood me up.

Stand in for

To stand in for somebody is to do their job temporarily.

Stand out

When something stands out, it becomes clearly noticeable.

Stand down

To stand down is to resign or stop. The army was told to stand down and stop fighting.


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