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Jen’s English Tip’s – Advice and Advise

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Advice and Advise:  A person can give another person advice and A person can also advise another person.

Let’s take a look at the differences

‘Advice’ and ‘advise’ can easily be mistaken, but the difference between the two is simple enough.
In British English,
• ‘advice’ acts as a noun, defined as ‘opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem; counsel’, and
• ‘advise’ acts as a verb, meaning ‘to give advice’.
‘His father’s advice was for him to think about the problem before making a decision about what to do.’ means the same as ‘His father advised him to give the matter thought before reaching a decision about what to do.’
The ‘c’ in ‘advice’ is pronounced like the ‘s’ in ‘sip’, and the ‘s’ in ‘advise’ is pronounced like the ‘z’ in ‘zip’.
Some more examples of the usage of ‘Advice’
• You should listen to your father’s advice.
• I need your advice on what to wear for my job interview.
• John is the best person to ask for advice on cars.
Some more examples of the usage of ‘Advise’
• My father advised me to join the army.
• The doctor advised Sumit to quit smoking.
• John advised me to buy a diesel car.
In American English, this difference between the two words is not always maintained.


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