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The Top 5 NFTs for 2022




All throughout 2021, NFTs were the most popular asset. Because of this, they will remain to be a trend that many will continue to remember for years to come.

Because of that, an NFTProfit is continuously growing towards other trends that the year saw, especially for the gaming section of blockchains. Sure, there remain many other NFT code options offered through digital or physical means, but the focus of today will center around 5 NFTs that will be growing for years to come.

Furthermore, the NFT trend is on the rise, and with each day comes new opportunities to make a profit with NFTrofit.


As one of the first NFTs to showcase the technology, it remains a popular choice among the public. Even though this NFT was originally for familiarizing users with blockchain. It also gained a lot of attraction past the normal fan base.

Besides that, CryptoKitties managed to extend the technology used for Ethereum for use by other games in the industry. A nice feature seen within CryptoKitties is the ERC-721, which is coding used for tokens and permitted the appearance of the CryptoKitties through the creation of its genes.

These genes were also passed down to their kittens. Now, the CryptoKitties can be obtained through the entire system of Ethereum, which involve games based on Ethereum and many other gaming platforms. The only requirement needed is your browser, ether, and a wallet for cryptocurrency.


Known as the Enjin Coin, this token is native to the platform of the same name. Its trading symbol is ENJ and uses Ethereum under the ERC-20 token.

There are many choices available when it comes to the platform Enjin uses as it could produce assets on the digital level as an NFT used for collection and game assets.

Through the combination of ENJ and the technology of blockchain, gamers are allowed to take complete control of the items they buy with not much scarcity.


Another marketplace for NFTs is OpenSea. With this marketplace, you are able to link a crypto wallet through the website. Once setup is complete, you can create collections and add fees, banners, profiles, descriptions, and links to social media.

You can also upload descriptions of your work and make it all customizable for your NFT through the various content, statistics, and properties. It allows the user to decide on which prices to accept or decline, the auctions available, and a listing of the fixed pricing so you can easily sell them.


The OriginalGrog NFT is comprised of many characteristics such as a mouth, hair, nose, eyes, and shirt. The NFTs reside within the blockchain of Ethereum and enable the user to gain access to the community of OriginalGrog. OriginalGrop´s value is mainly the implementation of a digital identity used among many platforms. The aim of the OriginalGrog NFT is to provide a unified and secure identity for websites like Airbnb, Uber, or other services. We think this NFT has potential to explode in 2022!


ERC-721 KYC token was established back in 2018 in order to offer an extra layer of security to its verification of identity. The NFT uses a system that makes verification simpler by employing the technology to verify individuals.

The API of Oxcert consists of a dashboard that is easy to use by anybody and utilizes monitoring that is all-inclusive as well as up-to-date analytics for all activity of the blockchain. The

Ethereum used is freely accessible and includes the necessary frameworks, standards, and protocols for easy analysis.


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