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18 Year-Old Girl Poison Her Newborn Child Then Drops it Off Balcony

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BANGKOK – An 18-year-old student and her boyfriend have been charged with the murder of her newborn child at their condominium room in central Thailand.

The pair were arrested for colluding in the murder of their newborn baby — poisoning and then dropped from the balcony of a third-floor condominium room in Nonthaburi. Thai media reported on Thursday.

She wrapped the newborn baby girl in a brown towel and placed inside a black plastic bag. The newborn child was discovered near a garbage bin by security guards around 4pm on July 23rd.

The baby was rushed to Chonprathan Hospital, where she died on Tuesday.

Discovered near a garbage bin

newborn child

Police said security camera footage in the area showed the plastic bag dropping from the condominium building about 2.53pm on July 23.

Officers then inspected the building and found six napkins stained with blood, and blood-stained clothing, inside a room on the third floor.

There were also trace bloodstains in the bathroom.

The young woman was taken to a hospital for a medical examination, which revealed she had recently given birth.

Tissue samples were taken and sent Police General Hospital for matching with samples from the baby.

The DNA test results came back on Tuesday and showed the two samples matched.

Police then obtained warrants from Nonthaburi court to arrest the young woman and her boyfriend.

Under questioning, they said they had been staying in the rented condominium room for five months.

The young woman claimed she was not aware she was pregnant and gave birth to the baby girl unexpectedly in the bathroom.

Dropped the Infant of third-floor Balcony

She was in a state of shock when she poured toilet bowl cleaner into the infant’s mouth; wrapped her in a towel; put the infant inside a plastic bag; tied it shut and then dropped it from her third-floor balcony to the ground below.

Her boyfriend denied any knowledge his girlfriend was pregnant. He told police he thought she was fat.

It was during the arrest procedure that the hospital advised police the baby had died on Tuesday, Thai media reported.

Police have charged the pair with colluding in the murder of the baby. They were being held in custody at Pak Kret police station.

Source: Bangkok Post, Spring News



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