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Police Investigating Mysterious Death of a Thai Pretty “Nong Lunlabelle”

“Pretty” Thitima Noraphanphiphat, 25, aka “Nong Lunlabelle”, was found dead on a sofa in the lobby by a security guard. There were no signs of violence on her body, and police say there was no evidence of drug use.



BANGKOK – Police are investigate the mysterious death of a young “pretty” found lying on a sofa in the lobby of a condominium building in Bangkok on Tuesday.

Thai Pretty “Nong Lunlabelle” Thitima Noraphanphiphat, 25, was found dead on a sofa in the lobby by a security guard. There were no signs of violence on her body, and police say there was no evidence of drug use.

Her boyfriend, Natthanai Homthianthong, 31, told police Thitima was hired for 3,500 baht to serve beverages at a party in Nonthaburi on Monday. She was due to finish work at 5pm.

He had learned of his girlfriend’s death on Tuesday.

Male Pretty Rachadech Wongtabutr, or Nam Oun, is being questioned

Rachadech Wongtabutr, or Nam Oun, is being questioned about the death of “Nong Lunlabelle” whose body was found on a sofa

Recordings from the condominium security cameras showed a young man carrying an apparently unconscious Thitima into the building Monday.

The same man was later seen carrying her down from the room to the lobby sofa around 2am on Tuesday.

A condominium employee discovered her there, realised she was dead and called Bukkhalo police station. A doctor’s preliminary examination found she died of heart failure. A full post-mortem was planned.

Pol Lt Col Piyoros Kanhasiri, deputy investigation chief at Bukkhalo, said investigators on Tuesday went to the room on the sixth floor to ask the young man there what happened to the woman. The man refused to open the door, so police forced it open and detained him for questioning.

The man who was also a “male pretty. ’’ after questioning, he was allowed to leave.

Pol Maj Gen Samrit Tongtao, chief of Metropolitan Police Division 8, said police had so far questioned 15 people in relation to the pretty’s death. They would call the man seen carrying her to the lobby sofa back for more questioning. He identified the man as “Nam Oun”.

Investigators wonder why Nam Oun did not take the woman to a hospital after her condition did not improve, Pol Maj Gen Samrit said.

All attendees at the function in Nonthaburi had given full cooperation, he said. They agreed to urine tests for illicit drugs and none tested positive.

Pol Maj Gen Samrit said Thitima’s death was unnatural. Police found no trace of drugs or any other foreign substance on the woman’s body. Nor was there any evidence of sexual abuse. A search of Nam Oun’s room found nothing illegal. They have, however, taken a DNA sample from him.

Thai media identified Nam Oun as Rachadech Wongtabutr a Male Pretty

Rachadech Wongtabutr, or Nam Oun, is detained after police forced open his room at a condominium in Bangkok – Post Photo

Mr Rachadech told police on Wednesday that he and some friends, including Thitima, were drinking at a house in Bang Bua Thong area of Nonthaburi before her death, according to media reports.

During the party, he and the pretty “fell in love” and she agreed to go his condominium room.

He insisted he did not drug her. She had several glasses of alcoholic drinks, and became intoxicated and then unconscious. He took her to his car and drove to his condominium.

Mr Rachadech said he carried her to his room. As he was about the enter a lift, the woman urinated, and later urinated again on his bed. He changed her clothes for her and they slept without having sex as they were both drunk.

He woke up around midnight when a friend phoned him to say her boyfriend and some relatives were on their way to get her.

Nam Oun allegedly carried the young woman down to the lobby sofa and then hurriedly returned to his room as he feared of being assaulted. The male pretty said he was not aware that the woman had died.

Chaiyaphon Panna, owner of the house in Bang Bua Thong district where the party was held. Chaiyaphon confirmed to police he hired “Pretty Nong Lunlabelle” to entertain guests and mix drinks.

She was paid 3,000 baht to work from 1pm to 5pm on Monday.

There were no drugs at the party. Mr Rachadech, or Nam Oun, was also there, Mr Chaiyaphon said.

He noticed Rachadech and Thitima were close at the party. He said he had a lot to drink and fell asleep. When he awoke about 8pm the pair were not there. He learned the next day the woman had died, Thai media reported.

Source: Bangkok Post

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