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Canadian Woman Killed Another Severely Injured in Phuket Traffic Accident



Nezabravka ’Nezi’ Borislavova of Vancouver (right) is in serious condition in a Thai hospital after a single-vehicle accident near Phuket that killed her friend Ali Lambert 22



PHUKET – A Canadian woman’s holiday in Thailand ended in tragedy when the Jeep she was in rolled down an embankment in heavy rains last week, killing her and severely injuring a friend also from Canada.

Ali Lambert, 22 and her friend Nezabravka (Nezi) Borislavova, 25 were driving from Bangkok to Phuket in a rented jeep when they encountered torrential rains. The jeep skidded on the slick road, hit a pole, then rolled down an embankment soon after crossing the bridge that connects Phuket to mainland Thailand.

22 year-old Ali Lambert was killed instantly while her friend Nezi substained serious injuries and was transported to a hospital in Phuket.

Borislavova suffered internal bleeding and broken bones, and needed a number of operations. Borislavova’s friends are trying to raise money for her care while in Thailand, as she had no travel or medical insurance, and has limited resources through her family, according to a go fund me page set up to help cover her medical costs.

The page raised more than $29,000 in two days. Its creator hopes to raise $50,000 to cover her bills and bring Borislavova home.

The situation is a somber reminder of the role travel insurance can play in event of an emergency.

Canadian consular officials say they are providing assistance to the family as well to relatives of another Canadian who was injured.

“Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the Canadian citizen who passed away in Thailand,” said John Babcock, a Canadian Global Affairs spokesman.

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