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This $4.5 Million Kalorama House Is On The Market

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This $4.5 Million Kalorama House Is On The Market

(CTN News) – The 6,700-square-foot house has had several notable owners over the years.

The odd-numbered side of the 2300 block of S Street NW, in D.C.’s Kalorama neighborhood, has just two private homes, one of which Jeff Bezos (owner of The Washington Post) purchased in 2020, and this one built in 1958.

In addition to China, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Mauritania, and Pakistan possess the rest. 

Woodrow Wilson House and the former Textile Museum (which Bezos bought in 2016 and converted into a private residence) are across the street.

House Augusto Lopez-Claros and his family are less interested in

Augusto Lopez-Claros and his wife, Mirta Lopez, who have lived all over the world, were less interested in who their neighbors are than what the location offered.

In the past two decades, Lopez-Claros and her husband have lived in Moscow, London, Geneva, and Madrid, so they were searching for a property centrally located, close to museums.

The Kennedy Center (we are both classical music enthusiasts), and green spaces like Rock Creek Park.

In 2011, the couple wanted a house that could accommodate large groups comfortably. Dinner parties and talks are popular. The house’s layout wasn’t unique to them. Washingtonians have also lived here and entertained.

Duke M. Patrick, a lawyer, bought the house from Stern in 1965. Patrick sold it to Hobart Taylor Jr. in 1979.

   “It’s a very comfortable, easy house,” Mirta said. “It has a lot of natural light.

It has a wonderful flow when you have guests. … But aside from that — this is a little bit esoteric — I think every house has a soul and this house is one of the happiest houses.”

 The five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 6,700-square-foot house is listed at just under $4.5 million.


Published in CTN, August 12th, 2022

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