Thailand to Ramp Up Sea Salt Production in 2023



Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has developed a strategy to increase Thai sea salt production for international trade.

At a recent ministerial meeting, Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Alongkorn Ponlaboot told agencies to prioritize the Thai sea salt development scheme to reduce reliance on imported salt and prepare to introduce the Thai product to a larger market.

The ministry added measures to support the industry this fiscal year, such as the 2023-2027 salt field development plan, new debt repayment options for farmers, and a renewed certification drive to ensure the product meets agricultural standards 9055-2562.

“A working panel on salt field solutions has established a fund to compensate 111 farmers for price differences resulting from unsold stock totalling about 9.96 million baht,” he said.

“Financial assistance has also been provided to damaged farms at a rate of 1,220 baht per rai, up to a total of 30 rai. This year, 80 farmers received financial assistance totalling 877,790 baht.”

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He stated that the ministry intends to promote salt farming as a globally important agricultural heritage system (GIAHS) and to establish export guidelines for various sectors that rely heavily on salt, such as food manufacturers.

Activities will be carried out in the coming fiscal year to promote sea salt management, reduce production costs, increase the potential of community enterprise and local wisdom, and promote salt farming in the GIAHS.

The meeting also proposed extending debt repayment deadlines for salt farmers in Phetchaburi from August 31 to 2025 without interest or fines, with Samut Sakhon requesting a two-year extension and Samut Songkhram requesting a six-month extension.

He stated that the Cooperative Promotion Department would propose additional aid funds for farmers for consideration later.

The meeting discussed another project in which 110 farmers would receive loans of up to 1 million baht over a 10-year period.

Source: Bangkok Post

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