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NVIDIA Emerges At The Top, Beating Competitors



NVIDIA Emerges At The Top, Beating Competitors

(CTN News) – There is no doubt that NVIDIA has emerged as the market leader in the chip manufacturing industry, taking over Qualcomm as the world’s leading IC manufacturer. As expected, the catalyst for this trend has been identified as the “AI hype”.

Top spot goes to NVIDIA as revenue surges

Due to the wave of genAI, NVIDIA has exceeded all industry forecasts by a significant margin, mainly due to the rise of genAI that has led to the company’s revenues reaching new heights.

There was an increase in revenue generation in the semiconductor industry in general, with TrendForce reporting a 12.5% increase in revenue for the quarter.

As a result of the increase in the number of transactions, the industry has reached US $38.1 billion, with NVIDIA now taking the lead.

Since half of the year is over, Qualcomm is experiencing dwindling sales as a consequence of low smartphone sales due to the industry’s “upgrade cycle” which is in its second half.

The news should not come as a surprise since NVIDIA’s sales have been soaring for the past few years, particularly those related to artificial intelligence.

With the company’s aim to ship 1 to 2 million units of its famous H100 AI GPUs in the near future, it appears that we still have a lot more to see, considering that we have reported humongous numbers in the past.

The “AI boom” has not only been beneficial to NVIDIA but also to the associated companies that are associated with it, which have reaped the benefits of the “AI boom” as well.

According to TrendForce, TSMC and Samsung also experienced a decent quarterly performance due to huge volumes of orders placed by NVIDIA in the past quarter.

As far as other manufacturers are concerned, AMD is currently located in the corner of the field due to the fact that Team Red has not been able to capitalize on the AI bandwagon as well as other manufacturers.

Reports indicate that AMD’s revenue has been steadily growing over the past few years, with the company now reporting a total of $5.36 billion of revenue for the year 2013.

The company is late to the game and has yet to see any “noticeable” entry into the market for its AI products due to the fact that it is late to the party.

According to Lisa Su, the CEO of NVIDIA-AMD is committed to taking an “aggressive” approach to level the playing field between the two companies, and the only way this can be done is through a “preemptive” approach, which is exactly what she has promised.

It is fair to say that FY23 belongs to NVIDIA now that we are close to the end of the year.

The company is very well positioned to break records in the future, based on the impressive results and the indicators of the immense future demand, and in the midst of it, AMD and other companies are watching themselves get left behind.


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