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Momentum Indicator RSI: How Useful Is It To Trades?

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Momentum Indicator RSI: How Useful Is It To Trades?

Momentum indicators RSI are essential in trading because they show price movements over time. The indicators depict how strong or weak the price movement is.

They thus, play a vital role in helping traders analyze a trend to determine the points where the prices are likely to reverse.

Therefore, they are vital tools that traders use to understand the rate at which prices of assets change.

RSI gives better results if used alongside other tools to identify the points at which the prices are likely to change.

Notice that momentum indicators will only show the price relative strength without showing the direction in which the prices will move.

What Is The RSI Indicator?

The rsi indicator is one of the momentum indicators that measure the speed as well as the magnitude of changes in the price of securities.

The indicator is represented as a line graph and can help determine overbought and oversold securities.

Also, it can be used to determine primed securities and is a sign of trend corrective pullback or reversal. It thus signals when a trader should buy or sell the securities. RSI is plotted on a scale of 0 – 100.

Therefore a reading of 70 and above tells you that the asset has been overbought, while anything less than 30 indicates that the asset is oversold. Also, RSI helps to measure how quickly trader bid the price of securities.

How useful is the RSI indicator to many traders?

The RSI line crosses above the oversold or below overbought curves to signal traders to either buy or sell the asset.

It is a valuable indicator that helps traders to predict how the prices of security will behave and could help them to validate. Similarly, it helps to determine the points at which the trend will be reversing.

Security traders can also use the RSI indicator alongside other technical indicators to support their trading strategy.

What is the RSI formula?

The RSI indicator formula divides the average gains in an uptrend over a specified period with the average losses of a downtrend during the period. Thus RSI = 100 – (100 / [1 + RSI]).

As a trader, you do not need to spend your valuable time calculating RSI. The exchange platform will do the donkey work for you. Therefore, your work will be to utilize the data to make trading decisions.

Typically, a trader monitors the RSI chart. So when it crosses the 30 mark, it is a bullish sign since it signals a change in the trend.

In such a case, a trader should buy the asset. But when it crosses the 70th mark, it shows that the asset has been overbought, so the price is likely to reverse. Therefore, it signals the trader to sell the asset.

How to Use RSI Indicators In Your Crypto And Stock Trading?

The RSI indicator can be used in crypto and stock trading. It tells the trader whether the crypto or stock is overbought or oversold at the current prices.

It does this by computing the size of the recent price movement. A crypto asset will be considered overbought when its RSI is above 70. Thus the mark tells a trader that a correction trend is likely to set in.

On the contrary, when the RSI is less than 30, the asset is considered oversold. So, a correction that will see the asset rebound could be in the offing.

Note that the RSI reaches the 70 mark or more in a strong uptrend and could remain so for an extended period.

Similarly, in a strong downtrend, it could stay below 30 for an extended period. Therefore, traders could use RSI figures to determine whether to buy or sell an asset.

Traders will look for a buying opportunity in a bearish trend when it shows that the asset has been oversold and will look for a selling opportunity in a bullish trend when RSI shows that the asset has been overbought.


The relative strength index compares the security strength when prices are rising or falling. It compares average gains when prices increase and average losses when prices fall.

Such comparison gives traders an idea about the price and could help them make viable trading decisions.

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