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Key Benefits of Website Data Extraction for Commerce



Key Benefits of Website Data Extraction for Commerce

Online data-collecting services are becoming more and more popular worldwide. For example, Straits Research claims the world’s web scraper software branch was approximately $586 mln in 2022 and is expected to hit $1,803 million by 2031.

Experts state business owners use website data extraction especially actively. That’s because online info collecting may essentially improve your company’s effectiveness. But let’s look at the advantages of web scraping for business in more detail.

Website Data Extraction for Tracking Consumers’ Preferences

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Almost all modern e-stores collect and analyze their visitors’ behavior. However, it’s frequently not enough to gain such information only using your own website to deeply realize consumers’ needs. In this case, entrepreneurs may extract the mentioned data from their competitors’ platforms.

Of course, it’s better to keep the info about customers’ preferences gained on third-party marketplaces private. You can safely analyze such info or conduct non-public research based on it, though. This allows business holders to create more efficient marketing strategies, enhance their service quality, etc.

Website Data Extraction for Researching Competitors

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Small Business Trends reports 94% of companies today invest in competitive intelligence. Such an approach helps discover and implement innovative marketing features into your business. In this way, you always keep up with the times. Consequently, more consumers choose your online platform for shopping. This, in turn, increases corporate income.

The usage of website data extraction significantly simplifies competitive intelligence conduction. That’s because info-collecting bots are able to find hidden information about innovations. This includes plans, unique corporate solutions, new marketing tricks, etc., of your rivals.

Website Data Extraction for Improving Commercial Effectiveness

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Here, it’s worth noting the following use cases:

  • searching for potential clients to sell your products or services;
  • seeking new suppliers;
  • looking for innovative solutions to add to your range and getting detailed descriptions of such innovations.

Experts recommend employing the services of only trusted IT companies (like Nannostomus) in the specified cases. That’s because merely reputable agencies are able to set web scraping bots in such a way that they achieve the desired goals legally.

How to Extract Data Securely

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Primarily, entrepreneurs should carefully learn laws on data protection in regions where they do business. Furthermore, following international legislation is necessary. So, you should comply with GDPR, CPRA, and similar acts. The latter is fair even if entrepreneurs do business outside jurisdictions where such international laws apply.

Avoid Excessively Intensive Info Collecting

Website data extraction bots shouldn’t send too many requests at a time. That’s because such an approach may harm websites from where you strive to get information. So, sites can start freezing or stop operating. This, in turn, can be regarded as a hacker attack.

Don’t Scrape Private Information

Experts recommend shunning extracting personal customer data when scanning your competitors’ platforms. So, you shouldn’t collect the following information:

  • debit/credit card details;
  • names, surnames, birthdates, etc.;
  • sex, gender, political leanings, and so on.

Entrepreneurs should surely consult with specialists (e.g., at if this subject isn’t that clear to them. Otherwise, they may have law troubles.

Bottom Line

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Website data extraction may essentially improve your business effectiveness and profit as well as decrease corporate spending. You can find new suppliers or clients using web scraping services. Moreover, entrepreneurs may even find innovative products to expand their ranges using data-collecting bots.

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