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Five Key Secrets of the Successful Forex Trader



There is no doubt that forex trading is a powerhouse when it comes to currency trading. According to trusted forex broker, Statistics show that over $5 trillion are traded on a daily basis.

Today, millions of people across the globe are making a living from forex trading. However, just because your friend is making good money from forex trading does not guarantee that you will also make a kill.

Although there are many successful forex traders, the fact still remains that there are equally as many traders who have lost a lot of money from forex trading.

So what does it take to become a successful forex trader? In this article, we are going to give you key secrets on how to become a successful forex trader.

  1. Have a Trading Journal

One thing that most novice traders don’t know is that successful traders always keep track of all their trading moves.

The benefit of having your own trading journal is that it enables you to monitor all your trading efforts including profits and loses that you have made, a trading strategy that gave you the best results, the best time to trade, best currency pair to trade among many others.

A trading journal may seem old fashion and time consuming, but they come in handy when trading.

The journal will help you analyze your past trading moves to help you make smart decisions when trading.

  1. Trade Based on Strategy, Not Emotions

Most novice traders trade based on instincts, emotions, and trends. However, that is not a wise idea. You won’t go far if you trade based on emotions.

The most successful trader invests their time and effort in crafting a trading plan. They use well research trading strategies that have been tested and proven to work.

This is important because it helps to prevent them from making a costly trading mistake. It is very difficult to find an experienced forex trader changing his mind halfway just because his emotions tell him to do so.

Instead, they make their decision based on proven strategies and they always stick by it. Trade based on well-crafted strategies to help avoid making costly trading mistakes.

  1. Stay Informed

Information is power. If you want to become a successful forex trader, then you must always stay informed. This means that you should always keep track of what is happening in the forex market.

Ensure that you read weekly and monthly reports on matters that concern forex trading. Also, stay glued to newswire sand daily forex news to get all the latest updates on what is happening in the forex market.

The reason why most traders are not successful in forex trading is that they are not well informed. Ensure that you keep track of all important things that are happening in the forex market world.

This will help you make wise decisions when trading. Most successful traders know almost everything that is happening in the forex market and they use that information to their advantage when trading.

  1. Patience and Consistency are Key

Any successful forex trader will tell you for free that patience and consistency played a big role in determining their success in forex trading.

The reason why most beginners never go too far is because they expect to get rich overnight.

Forex trading is not a get rich quickly platform. There are many tricks and tips that you need to learn in order to become a pro forex trader. Before you finally master the art of forex trading, you will encounter failure along the way. Be consistent with your trading.

Don’t shy away from trading simply because your previous trade did not go well. Learn from your past failures but keep on trading. You also need to patient with yourself.

Remember that Rome was not built in a single day. The same thing also applies to forex trading. It will take you time before you master all the moves used in forex trading. Continue learning and be patient with yourself.

  1. Take Well-Calculated Risks

Let’s be real, even the most experienced forex traders lose some of their trades. You need to be realistic enough and only invest an amount that won’t hurt your pocket badly when you lose your trade. This is particularly important for beginners.

Most beginners usually invest huge sums of money hoping to rip big but in most cases, things don’t always go as planned. Losing huge sums of money at once can dent your trading morale.

To avoid this, start small then increase the amount as you gain trading experience. Starting small will help reduce the risk of heavy losses.

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