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Etsy Sells Manipulated Deepfake Images Of Celebrities.



Etsy Sells Manipulated Deepfake Images Of Celebrities.

(CTN News) – Etsy, the popular online marketplace known for its handmade and vintage items, has recently come under scrutiny for selling AI-generated deepfake images of numerous high-profile celebrities, including Jenna Ortega and Olivia Munn. Shockingly, some of these images were even pornographic and were available for as little as $0.92.

A recent report by Forbes revealed that Etsy had been offering these deepfake digital images of Olivia Munn on its platform until just a few days ago. The description of one such image, priced at $2.49, boasted about its high resolution and suitability for digital art, design, and printing.

Upon learning about the presence of these explicit deepfake images on Etsy, Munn’s attorney, Bryan Sullivan, promptly contacted the platform on December 13.

However, it was only after Forbes intervened and directly approached that the images were finally taken down, six days later.

Sullivan has expressed Munn’s deep sense of violation and offense at the existence of these images on Etsy. The actress, known for her role in X-Men: Apocalypse, feels understandably disturbed by this invasion of her privacy and the unauthorized use of her likeness.

Etsy faces deepfake porn problem.

Munn is not the sole target of deepfake pornography on the platform. According to Forbes, other Etsy sellers offered similar collections of deepfake images featuring celebrities at slightly higher prices ($5.51).

These sets included examples such as “Jenna Ortega just finished taking a bath. Shaved privates, oversized chest.”

Another seller on Etsy even offered to create “nude images of any celebrity you desire in various positions, whether naked, engaged in sexual acts, or simply in lingerie” for the price of $0.92.

Forbes reports that Etsy took action by removing the accounts of these specific sellers. However, the platform still allowed thousands of other listings that contained AI-generated pornography, which could be easily found using basic search terms.

In a statement, Alice Wu, head of trust safety, emphasized the platform’s commitment to the safety of its marketplace and community.

She stated that the violating listings were promptly removed upon being reported and acknowledged that nude celebrity deepfakes are strictly prohibited. Etsy is actively working to enhance its enforcement efforts in this area, recognizing that deepfake porn is an emerging issue across the internet.

According to Forbes, Etsy is facing a “deepfake porn problem” that has become more prevalent with the widespread use of AI technology.

A search for “ai nude” on December 18 yielded over 4,000 results, while “deepfake porn” reportedly returned over 1,600 results. Some of these results were not explicit content but rather offered non-explicit services to create personalized deepfake videos.
After Forbes brought these search results to Etsy’s attention, the number of such listings decreased on the platform.


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