Amazon Launches Generics Subscription Service For $5



(CTN News) – An upcoming subscription service launched by Amazon for Prime members will deliver generic medications to patients’ homes for a monthly fee of $5.

Amazon’s latest attempt to disrupt the healthcare sector.

In a blog post published today, Amazon announced that its RxPass service provides access to more than 50 generic medications that are widely used to treat more than 80 common conditions, such as high blood pressure, anxiety, menopause and acid reflux.

$5 covers the cost of delivery and is added to the regular Prime subscription, which provides savings, delivery, and entertainment features.

In return, members will have access to as many eligible medications as they require, according to Dr Vin Gupta, chief medical officer of Pharmacy. Depending on the patient’s needs, drugs can be delivered either monthly or quarterly.

Amazon estimates that over 150 million Americans consume one or more of the medications available through the subscription service. The service is “our latest effort to help patients save time, save money, and stay healthy,” he said.

With RxPass from Amazon Pharmacy, Prime members will never pay more than $5 per month in total for all of their eligible medications to be delivered free of charge to their homes.

There has been halting progress in some areas of health for Amazon – notably telehealth, where its Care program launched last year but was abandoned only to resurface as Clinic last year – however, the company continues to focus on its main strength, namely connecting buyers and sellers.

In November 2020, Amazon Pharmacy, a mobile and online prescription medication ordering and fulfillment service, made its debut and is now available to Prime subscribers for free, two-day home delivery of their prescription medications.

There is no change to the Prime prescription savings benefit, as members can still save when paying for other prescription medications at Amazon Pharmacy without insurance.

This is as well as at over 60,000 other participating pharmacies across the country, with Rx Pass being an addition to that.

In addition to its availability in most US states, Amazon’s brand-new subscription service can be accessed via their website and app. The user can cancel their subscription at any point during the subscription period.

It has been reported that Amazon pharmacists and support staff are available 24/7 to answer patients’ questions about their medications and to coordinate with the patients’ doctors if they have any questions,” said Gupta.

Moreover, patients do not need to worry about deductibles and copays when using RxPass since they do not use health insurance.


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