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Controversy Over M&Ms Spokescandies: Here’s What’s Going On



Controversy Over M&Ms Spokescandies: Here's What's Going On

(CTN News) – It’s a sweet, non-controversial job, the candy business. Almost no one complains about your product. You’d think so. M&Ms, the candy that melts in your mouth, not in your hand owned by Mars Wrigley, issued one of those social-media statements usually seen when a company really annoys consumers.

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“America, let’s talk,” the message says. A colorful mascot seen in the company’s ads — basically, M&Ms with faces and limbs — has caused controversy on the internet.

M&Ms is taking an indefinite break from spokescandies to bring Maya Rudolph on board. Real? What’s the backstory? It’s me.

“Spokecandy”: what are they?

Back in the day, M&Ms gave each color a distinct voice and personality. Dim bulbs are depicted on M&Ms, for example. Green M&Ms are mild aphrodisiacs, which is why he’s a peanut M&M. Their personalities and appearances vary, but they are pretty similar in every ad.

Candy’s ad campaign heavily relies on spokes candies. Even an action movie ad features M&Ms. As the candies are about to be sent into space strapped to a rocket, a phone rings, and they remind the audience to turn off their phones.

Controversial why?

There is a lot of fuss about the green and brown candies. It started with their shoes. Green M&Ms were drawn in high-heeled white boots, and brown M&Ms in stiletto heels.

Then in 2022, green switched from boots to sneakers and brown from stilettos to flats. They all wear white saddle shoes or sneakers.

Tucker Carlson mocked the changes in 2022.

Until all cartoon characters are deeply unappealing and totally androgynous, M&M’s won’t be satisfied. The goal is to turn you off. When you’re completely off, we’ve achieved equity. They’ve won.”

Is this real or a publicity stunt?

M&Ms replaced its candy mascot with Maya Rudolph after this reaction?

No comment was received from Mars Wrigley. Let’s think about this. What’s coming up? Super Bowl commercials and corporate publicity stunts on Feb. 12. (We’re tracking all Super Bowl commercials.)

Cute lil’ cartoon spokes candies aren’t getting anywhere. Mars Wrigley is sly enough to play off their mascots’ headlines.

Rudolph will almost certainly appear in an M&M’s Super Bowl ad, but she won’t replace them. M&M’s isn’t about to toss decades of cute, recognizable characters just because of some size, gender, and shoe statements.

Her Super Bowl ad is just the beginning, Rudolph told TMZ. It’s all just advertising, says an MSNBC columnist.

Where else have we seen this?

A Super Bowl ad has teased the removal of a company’s mascot before. 2020’s televised game commercial showed the funeral of Mr. Peanut, Planters nuts’ mascot, and the arrival of Baby Nut. Like soap operas, Baby Nut grew up in 2021.

A Bud Light Super Bowl commercial killed off the Bud Light Knight, the mascot of Bud Light. In an ad shown soon after, he returned to life. There is precedent for ads removing a beloved mascot, then bringing it back.


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