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Wikileaks Emails Prove Democtratic Party Was Conspiring Against Bernie Sanders



Wikileaks Reveals DNC Had Hillary Clinton Moles Inside The Bernie Sanders Campaign

Wikileaks Reveals DNC Had Hillary Clinton Moles Inside The Bernie Sanders Campaign




WASHINGTON DC– WikiLeaks released over 20,000 emails on Friday allegedly sent from the accounts of U.S. Democratic National Committee officials, including dozens of off the record media correspondence.

Dubbed the “Hillary Leaks series” by WikiLeaks, the leak is comprised of a searchable database of almost 20,000 emails with over 8,000 attachments and photos from the email accounts of top DNC employees.

Campaign representatives of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton pointed the finger at Russia, saying the release of stolen emails was intended to help Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Some of the most interesting emails to read are those exchanged by DNC staffers as they decide how to respond to media inquiries, and then their off-the-record and deep background responses to numerous national media outlets.

The emails contained off the record correspondence with reporters at the Washington Post, Politico, and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

Wikileaks has not revealed the source of the leaked emails.The leak comes just days before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, which runs July 25-28.

On Friday night, hours after the leak surfaced, Hillary Clinton confirmed her running mate to be Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced Sunday she is stepping down as at the end of the party’s convention, which is set to begin Monday.

Her announcement that she was leaving had pro-Sanders supporters cheering during a demonstration in Philadelphia and Donald Trump and other Republicans crowing about the disarray among the Democrats.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid wanted her out even before the leaked DNC emails scandal broke and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t lift a finger to try and save her House colleague, sources said.

Before the announcement, Sanders on Sunday told Tapper the release of the DNC emails that show its staffers working against him underscores the position he’s held for months: Wasserman Schultz needs to go.
“I don’t think she is qualified to be the chair of the DNC, not only for these awful emails, which revealed the prejudice of the DNC, but also because we need a party that reaches out to working people and young people, and I don’t think her leadership style is doing that,” Sanders told Tapper on “State of the Union,” on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
Several Democratic sources told CNN that the leaked DNC emails may inflame tensions between the Clinton and Sanders camps.
“It could threaten their agreement,” one Democrat said, referring to the deal reached between Clinton and Sanders about the convention, delegates and the DNC.
Sanders, who endorsed Clinton two weeks ago after a long-fought primary, has sought to find common ground around the party platform and rules. He successfully won major platform concessions, including a $15 federal minimum wage, abolishing the death penalty and breaking up large Wall Street banks. And at the DNC rules committee the two sides agreed on a “unity commission” that will review changes to the nominating process, including limiting the role of superdelegates.

After the unity commission agreement, Sanders supporters seeking to pass amendments to abolish or curtail superdelegates opted against pursuing convention floor fights on the issue.

Sanders has made clear that he would like to see a full roll call vote at the convention, so that his delegates can show their support.

By Hannah Albarazi and CNN

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