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Watch: Chinese Military Use Rap Video to Lure Young Recruits



China's military has released a rap music video as part of a campaign to lure young recruits

China’s military has released a rap music video as part of a campaign to lure young recruits



BEIJING – China’s military has released a rap music video as part of a campaign to lure young recruits, the latest foray into popular media by a Chinese government agency.

The song, titled “Battle Declaration”, features stirring lyrics set against orchestral music reminiscent of an action film score. The video showcases some of the People’s Liberation Army’s most advanced equipment, including aircraft carrier Liaoning, J-11 fighter jets, Type-99A tanks and DF-11 ballistic missiles, according to China Daily.


The video begins with a soldier donning full dress uniform, complete with crisp white gloves, as bellicose voice intones: “There is always a mission on your mind. There is always an enemy in your view . . . War could erupt any time. Are you ready?”

Recruitment is not among the big challenges facing the PLA, which last year announced plans to axe 300,000 soldiers from its estimated 2.3m-strong force. Given China’s large population, the military has little trouble attracting volunteers and can afford to be selective.

But maintaining morale is trickier. President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign has targeted a system of bribery in exchange for promotions thought to have been pervasive in the senior officer ranks. The campaign has also ensnared top military leaders.

The chorus of the video challenges soldiers to withstand injury in order to complete their mission and serve the Communist party: “Even if a bullet passes through my chest, my mission remains carved in my heart.”

“Brothers, let’s follow this light. [Roar! Roar! Roar! Roar!] Roar with animal spirit.”

China Daily quoted Colonel Wu Qian, spokesman for the defence ministry, saying at a news conference last week that a man’s youth is not only about being cool, but also about being responsible for the nation and its security.

The rap video follows an animated video in December produced by state broadcaster China Central Television that sampled Mr Xi’s speeches against a percussive background. The video marked the second anniversary of the creation of the Leading Group for Comprehensive Deepening of Reform, an elite party policymaking body.

Last month, security agencies marked the first National Security Education Day with a poster campaign featuring a cartoon telling the cautionary tale of a female civil servant who shares state secrets with a smooth-talking western boyfriend who turns out to be a spy.

By Gabriel Wildau – Financial Times

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