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Couple Tortures Woman to Death and Dismembers Another in Hoexter, Germany



Crime scene investigation unit walk along the house of a murder suspect couple in Hoexter, Germany

Crime scene investigation unit at the house of a murder suspect couple in Hoexter, Germany



BERLIN (AP) — A couple in custody for allegedly holding a woman captive for nearly two months and abusing her so badly that she died are believed also to have killed and dismembered a second woman, German authorities said Tuesday.

The suspects are a 46-year-old man and his 47-year-old ex-wife, who still lives with him. Their names haven’t been released because of German privacy laws.

The two have been under investigation since April 21, when they called an ambulance after their car broke down and rescuers found a woman inside suffering from head injuries and other abuse. The victim, identified only as a 41-year-old from Lower Saxony state, died shortly afterward in a hospital and doctors alerted authorities to the signs of abuse.

The woman, who had apparently answered an online personal ad, had been held in the couple’s house outside the western town of Hoexter for nearly two months and had been made to sleep in an unheated room on a floor, prosecutors in nearby Bielefeld told reporters, the dpa news agency reported. An autopsy showed she suffered from blows to the head, among other injuries.

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