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Philippine President Warns Terror Groups He Can Be “10 Times” More Brutal than ISIS



Duterte tells ISIS: 'I can do it 10 times better than you

Duterte tells ISIS: ‘I can do it 10 times better than you


MANILA -  Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a speech  at the Malacanang Palace in Manila on Monday, in which he denounced the Islamic State for its “barbaric practices.Gviving a stern warning to the extremist group, saying he can be “10 times” more brutal.

President  Duterte said that ISIS followers posing as missionaries have already started radicalizing Filipinos in Mindanao, a southern island of the Philippines. He did not elaborate on that claim.

In a speach to soldiers during a speech last week in the southern Province of Zamboanga del Sur he said that in “three to seven years,” the country will be plagued with “the ISIS disease.”

He also warned that confronting the terrorist group will “bring the worst out of me,” adding that he will never allow his country to be destroyed by terrorism, even if it meant being forced out of office.

“If you can do it, I can do it 10 times better than you, definitely,” Duterte said. “I’ll put at stake my honor, my life, and the presidency.”

Duterte’s war on drugs has so far left more than 700 people killed in confrontations with police, while the number of arrests reached more than 7,600 in July.

The killings alarmed human rights groups and prompted protests from left-wing activists. The head of the Senate’s committee of justice and human rights also said that an investigation into the killings will begin next week.

Duterte’s war on drugs also is likely to worsen the country’s problem with jail overcrowding “as hundreds of thousands of new detainees are crammed into detention facilities,” Carlos Conde, a researcher for Human Rights Watch’s Asia division, told The Washington Post.

Conde said the country’s jail system already does not have adequate resources to handle detainees, majority of whom are facing drug charges and are being held without bail as they awaited trial — and that’s even before Duterte’s proposed “war on terror” begins.

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