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Northern Thailand

Missing 18-Day-old Baby Boy Found Dead in Northern Thailand

The body of the baby boy, identified as Prachya “Ai-Eaew” Dechomeng, was found by his grandfather in the morning.



A 22 year-old mother has bee arrested after the remains of her 18-day-old baby boy were found Monday.

The corpse of the Baby boy was found behind the bathroom of the family home in the northern province of Sukhothai.  The grandfather said he noticed a foul odor near the house which led him to the corpse.

The body of the baby boy, identified as Prachya “Ai-Eaew” Dechomeng

The finding ends a turn of events after the mother, Isaraporn “Oil” Foilueang, 22, told police that her baby had been kidnapped. Saying she left the baby boy alone to go to the toilet and upon her return he was gone.

Initially, police suspected someone may have had conflicts with the family. However they later realized that Issaraporn’s testimony was suspicious.

Police said the baby boy also had a cracked skull and there was a blood trail leading outside from the bathroom.

Miss Isaraporn also claimed to police that she had found her baby dead. Consequently out of panic, she hid the body until Monday before moving it.

She has so far been charged with giving a false statement. Police are now collecting more evidence and investigating everyone involved in the incident.

The baby boy’s body was sent for a post-mortem examination at Buddhachinaraj Hospital in Phitsanulok province.

Source: Bangkok Post, The Nation



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