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Chiang Mai Reports 14 Covid-19 Cases Linked to a Popular Night Spot



Chiang Mai Reports 14 Covid-19 Cases Linked to a Popular Night Spot

Health officials in the northern province of Chiang Mai report the number of Covid-19 cases linked to a popular night spot has reached 14. Officials confirmed four new covid-19 infections on Saturday .

The new covid-19 infections in Chiang Mai were found through active case finding among those who came into contact with a 25-year-old woman who partied at the Warm Up Cafe on New Year’s Eve.

The four new covid-19 infections brought Chiang Mai’s provincial total to 63.

Chiang Mai’s deputy governor Weeraphan Dee-on said authorities are now reviewing the timelines of the latest four, cases. He said their condition was asymptomatic, similar to others linked to the nightspot.

He also said about 1,000 people in Chiang Mai Province are still considered high-risk and if all those who were linked to the night spot could be traced, covid-19 cases could be effectively contained.

Authorities are also racing to ensure public safety and are preparing field hospitals if covid-19 cases soar. The International Convention and Exhibition Centre, which was initially prepared for a field hospital, can hold 300 beds if needed, he said.

Night spot owner charged

The Governor of Chiang Mai Charoenrit Sanguansat has appointed the city bailiff to press charges against Warm Up Cafe for violations of the Covid-19 regulations set by the public health office. The warm up cafe has been shuttered for 5 years CTN News reports.

Meanwhile, the public health department of Chiang Mai has announced that many high risk places, businesses and also activities will be closed down in order to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19.

The Municipal Sports Stadium will be shut down, along with many national parks. Citizens are being asked to check to ensure that places they intend to go to remain in operation, as many will be closed over the next few days.

There is no clear timeline as to when they will all be open, but officials say that they are monitoring the situation closely and do not intend to inconvenience the public more than necessary.

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