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Microsoft Introduces Bing Chatbot To Phones For The 1st Time After Fixing Its Quirks



(CTN NEWS) – Less than a week after making significant modifications to prevent the artificially intelligent search engine from going off the tracks, Microsoft is prepared to introduce its new Bing chatbot to the general public.

The business announced on Wednesday that it is delivering the new AI technology to both its Edge and Bing mobile apps, though it is still forcing users to join a waitlist before using it.

Microsoft hopes that putting the new AI-enhanced search engine in the hands of smartphone users will give it an edge over Google, which rules the internet search market but hasn’t yet made a chatbot like this available to the general public.

More than a million users worldwide have tested a public preview of the new product after signing up for a queue to try it in the two weeks since Microsoft debuted its redesigned Bing.

The majority of those users, according to Microsoft, responded favorably, but some felt that Bing was making fun of them, declaring its love for them, or using other strange or unpleasant words.

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Microsoft Bing Powered Same Technology As Well-Known ChatGPT

The new Bing is a member of an emerging class of AI systems that have acquired human language and syntax after absorbing a vast amount of books and online writings.

It is powered by some of the same technology underlying the well-known writing tool ChatGPT, produced by Microsoft partner OpenAI. On-demand, they can create music, recipes, and emails.

They can also effectively summarise ideas using data gleaned from the internet. Nonetheless, they are also cumbersome and prone to error.

A screenshot of a chat window in the new Bing, showing a query saying


Microsoft started looking for a solution to Bing’s tendency to react to some questions with strong emotive language after receiving reports of its strange behavior.

This is mostly accomplished by setting a time restriction on chats with the chatbot and by requiring users to start new talks after a certain number of turns. But, the updated Bing now politely denies queries to which it would have previously responded.

When questioned about the specifics of how it operates or the principles that govern it, it responds, “I’m sorry, but I prefer not to continue this conversation.” I value your patience and understanding because I’m still learning.”

Microsoft said that their latest innovation will be incorporated into the Skype chat service.


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