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How Threads Enables Users To Earn Money And Cultivate Meaningful Connections On Twitter




(CTN NEWS) – Elon Musk is known for his prolific and sometimes controversial tweets, which have earned him over 66 million followers and a lot of attention.

But what if there was a way to make even more money from his social media presence? That’s the idea behind Threads, a new platform that allows users to create and monetize long-form content on Twitter.

Threads is a web app that lets users write and publish tweetstorms, or series of connected tweets, in a blog-like format.

Users can also add images, videos, polls, and other media to their threads, and embed them on their own websites or blogs.

Threads also has a built-in tipping feature, which enables readers to support their favorite creators with micro-payments in various cryptocurrencies.

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But How Does Threads Make Money From Its Users?

According to the founder of Threads, Alex Masmej, the platform has two main sources of revenue: subscription fees and transaction fees.

Subscription fees are charged to users who want to access premium features, such as custom domains, analytics, and newsletters.

Transaction fees are charged to users who receive tips from their readers, and are based on a percentage of the tip amount.

Masmej says that the subscription fees are optional and affordable, ranging from $5 to $20 per month depending on the plan.

He says that the transaction fees are also reasonable and competitive, starting from 2.9% + $0.30 per tip. He says that these fees are necessary to cover the costs of running the platform, such as hosting, security, and development.

He also says that these fees are fair and transparent and that users can see how much they are paying and earning from their threads.

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Masmej also says that Threads is not only a platform for making money, but also a platform for creating value;.

He says that Threads aims to empower writers and creators who want to share their insights and opinions with the world, without having to deal with the limitations and distractions of traditional blogging platforms.

He says that Threads is inspired by the success of platforms like Substack and Medium, which have enabled independent writers to build loyal audiences and generate income from their work.

Masmej also believes that Threads can help users leverage the power and reach of Twitter, which he calls “the best distribution channel for content”.

He says that by using Threads, users can create more engaging and valuable content for their followers, and potentially attract new ones.

He also claims that Threads can help users monetize their content more effectively than Twitter itself, which has recently launched its own subscription and tipping features, such as Super Follows and Tip Jar.

But how does Threads compare to Elon Musk’s Twitter in terms of earning potential?

According to Masmej, the answer depends on several factors, such as the size and quality of the user’s audience, the frequency and quality of their content, and the willingness of their readers to tip.

He says that while Elon Musk has a huge and loyal fan base, he doesn’t tweet very often or very consistently, which could limit his income from Threads.

He also says that Elon Musk’s tweets are mostly about his own projects and interests, which may not appeal to a wide range of readers or inspire them to tip.

Masmej estimates that if Elon Musk were to use Threads, he could make around $10,000 per thread, based on an average tip of $0.01 per follower.

However, he says that this is a conservative estimate and that Elon Musk could potentially make much more if he were to create more frequent and diverse content, or if he were to charge a subscription fee for his threads.

He also says that Elon Musk could benefit from using Threads as a way to communicate more effectively with his followers, and to showcase his expertise and vision in a more comprehensive and nuanced way.

On the other hand, Masmej says that there are many users who could make more than Elon Musk’s Twitter by using Threads, especially those who have a niche or specialized audience, who create high-quality and original content, and who have a strong personal brand.


He says that these users could charge higher subscription fees or receive higher tips from their readers, who would value their content more than Elon Musk’s tweets.

He also says that these users could use Threads as a way to grow their audience and reputation, and to establish themselves as thought leaders or influencers in their fields.

Threads Empowers Content Creators to Earn Money, Build Thought Leadership

Masmej cites some examples of users who are already making money from Threads, such as @naval (Naval Ravikant), who writes about philosophy and entrepreneurship.

@balajis (Balaji Srinivasan), who writes about technology and geopolitics; @aantonop (Andreas Antonopoulos), who writes about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies; and @vgr (Venkatesh Rao), who writes about culture and society.

He says that these users have thousands of followers and subscribers on Threads, and receive hundreds or thousands of dollars in tips per thread.

Masmej concludes that Threads is a platform that can enable anyone to make money from their content on Twitter, regardless of their topic or niche.

He says that Threads is not only a way to monetize content, but also a way to create better content, and to connect with readers in a deeper and more meaningful way.

He invites anyone who is interested in trying out Threads to sign up for free at, and to start creating and sharing their own threads with the world.


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