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Google To Develop A Blink-Based iOS Browser



Google To Develop A Blink-Based iOS Browser

(CTN NEWS) – GOOGLE – Some of Apple’s iOS limitations, such as the demand that all web browsers utilize the Apple WebKit engine, have drawn criticism from regulators and developers for a long time.

Some regulators may already plan for a less restrictive iOS environment as they wrestle with the tech giant’s regulations.

According to Chromium bug reports, Google is working on an iOS web browser based on Blink, which would go against Apple’s directive that all browsers utilize WebKit.

Google maintains that the project is merely an experiment and can wait until regulatory pressure causes Apple to drop the WebKit requirement.

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Google to develop a Blink based


The bug report describes the work as a test of input and graphic latency rather than a finished product that Google intends to offer customers.

Although in its very early stages and lacking key functionality, the browser appears to be the foundation for a different iOS browser, a source told The Register.

Google may wait and see what transpires with the WebKit regulation, which authorities and developers have been scrutinising more and more lately.

If Apple permits using other browser engines, Google will benefit from having an advanced browser engine ready to go.

Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram, claimed last summer that Apple’s policies compel developers to produce standalone applications that are subject to a 30% commission on App Store purchases.

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Durov claimed that many businesses could offer the services they require through mobile web pages rather than supporting applications if Apple had supported WebKit more or permitted browser developers to use other engines.

Regulators in the UK, US, and EU have also protested Apple’s ban on other browser engines.

Over the next few years, Apple might be compelled under the recently passed EU Law on Digital Markets to permit the use of different browser engines and alternative application distribution methods.

In opposition to the company’s limits, earlier this month the National Telecommunications and Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Cupertino asserts that its stringent regulations make its products safer for consumers. He attacked the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) suggestions at the end of the previous month regarding limitations on mobile browsers and cloud games.

Google to develop a Blink based 1


Since several months ago, the CMA has been looking into Apple’s browser and cloud computing practices, which it claims are anti-competitive.

The regulatory body’s suggested remedies include permitting other browser engines, cloud gaming software, unreleased software downloads, etc.

Due to a general hatred against the company’s software policy, Cupertino asserts that the CMA’s demands are outside the purview of its examination.

Unsurprisingly, Google is preparing significant improvements that could impact iOS as regulators revolt against Apple’s walled garden.


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