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SEO Google Chrome Extensions: 12 Best Free Extensions In 2023



12 Best Chrome Extensions For SEO in 2023

(CTN NEWS) – Google Chrome Extensions – Struggle to track how well each piece of content is doing on search engines?

The search engine optimization technique is far more difficult than it initially seems.

It calls for in-depth understanding, meticulous planning, and dedication.

Fortunately, you no longer need to independently study and develop a content strategy.

With the aid of the numerous SEO tools accessible, you can execute your chores with greater efficiency and speed than you could anticipate.

The top 12 free SEO extensions for Chrome are discussed here, along with some frequently asked questions regarding them.

Let’s Start!

Google Chrome Extensions For SEO: 12 Best Free Extensions

1. TextCortex – Chrome AI Writing Assistant

1. TextCortex Chrome AI Writin

This SEO Chrome extension is a must-have for anyone who works with tons of text and needs to adjust it.

It enables you to produce various forms of content at scale while cutting your writing time by up to 70% in any online textbox.

Imagine having an AI friend with whom you can collaborate to develop everything from emails to papers to blog posts to descriptions to advertisements.

No more struggling to find the correct words, staring at blank pages, or experiencing writer’s block.

Simply type a headline, a few bullets, or a few words of text, highlight it in your text box, click the bubble, and your creation will appear immediately.

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The best aspect is that content produced using TextCortex is SEO-optimized, native, and human-sounding.

Additionally, you can highlight a section and click the “Rewrite” option if you wish to change anything.

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Simple as that.

There are more than 30 platforms where the TextCortex writing Chrome Extension is integrated, including Notion, Medium, LinkedIn, Gmail, Google Docs, and many others.

You can also create in more than 10 other languages.

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By reading through billions of extremely engaging paragraphs, best practices, and structure, TextCortex blog and long-form AI writing companion has mastered the complexities of creating native and unique content.


  • For better context, rewrite.
  • Enlarge paragraphs and sentences.
  • Compile a text summary.
  • Random thought autocomplete into sentences and paragraphs.
  • Find the ideal voice by altering the message’s tone.
  • Text can be translated into more than ten languages, such as German and French.
  • Text-to-speech software reads aloud.
  • Create lengthy blogs out of 5-word thoughts.
  • Email your bullets now.
  • AI templates generate 60+ content forms.


How to get the most from TextCortex:

✍️ Find the appropriate words.

✍️ Write to convey oneself in a loud, clear voice.

✍️ Demonstrate your command of the English language (more languages to be released soon)

✍️ Take less time to consider the words you use.


You have 15 works prepared each day for your writing requirements.

Power users’ insane behavior When you take advantage of the many perks, you don’t even need to pay a monthly fee.

You receive more daily creations for your needs from each invited friend.

However, TextCortex also offers a premium edition that you may purchase for $19.99.

2. Keywords Everywhere

2. Keywords Everywhere

When working to increase the SEO of your website, using Keywords Everywhere is a tremendous time saver.

Google keyword data is displayed in three ways: monthly search volume, cost per click, and Adwords competition.

By eliminating the need to switch between tabs, this in-browser plugin puts all the information you require at your fingertips.


  • SEO metrics for difficulty.
  • Long-tail keywords and trending keywords are available in Google widgets.
  • Top 5000 Google keywords with estimated organic traffic.
  • Link stats for organic search on Moz.
  • Hyperlinks to websites and domains.


Paying as you go is available on all keywords (1 credit=1 keyword).

Three premium plans are available, starting at $10 for 100,000 credits.

3. SimilarWeb

3. SimilarWeb

For those who want to increase their understanding of SEO, SimilarWeb is an excellent resource. With just one click, users can check the traffic and important metrics of any website they come across when exploring the internet.

With the help of this plugin, users may learn more about the performance of their rivals and the SEO tactics that are most effective for them, ultimately helping to enhance their own methods.


  • Find out a website’s ranking by category, nation, and world.
  • Find out the bounce rate and traffic of a website.
  • Find demographics of the website and the app.
  • Find out where website traffic comes from (direct, search, email, social, referral).


For their customers, Similar Web provides up to five distinct options. You can schedule a demo to receive an offer tailored to your company’s needs.🎉

The premium package for small firms starts at $167 and includes a free product trial.

4. Meta SEO Inspector

4. Meta SEO Inspector

Technical SEO-related problems can be a big obstacle if you’re trying to improve your website’s Google rating.

Contrary to common belief, meta tags are still important when it comes to SEO since they help search engines like Google comprehend what your page is about.

The META SEO Inspector plugin can help ensure that the tags are configured correctly.

It notifies you if a description is missing or if the title tag, which is the most crucial, is too long. Meta tag maintenance prepares websites for success with technical SEO.

The Meta SEO Inspector is typically the most practical choice for web developers to enhance a site’s HTML to comply with the Webmaster’s Google standards.


  • Single-click insights into page metadata.
  • Learn what has to be fixed and how to improve the performance of your website.
  • Do some competitor research.
  • Copy the metatag data to the clipboard.
  • Reports can be printed and exported.
  • Language translation in numerous dialects.


The Meta SEO Inspector is free. They still allow you to reward them for good work by purchasing them a cup of coffee.🎉

5. Check My Links

5. Check My Links

The Check My Links extension allows users to instantly assess the state of links on various pages.

This software will display active, redirected, and invalid links for quick optimization.

The Check My Links extension also displays each link’s anchor text, illustrating how both technologies can work together.


Find all links to web pages quickly and check them for validity.


You can use Check My Links for free.

6. Google Trends

6. Google Trends

An expansion of features are offered by Google Webmaster Tools to aid in the development and integration of websites.

You may access information on the most popular Google searches (ranging from Kim Kardashian to Taylor Swift) from various nations via graphs through Trends.

This enables you to gauge the degree to which subjects pertinent to your area of expertise are receiving attention.

Staying ahead of the curve in SEO requires knowing what’s trending, and Trends makes sure your understanding of the always shifting market is up to date.


  • Information from the “People Also Searched”
  • Receive notifications of hot topics
  • Data can be exported in CSV or Google Sheets format.
  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Study of long-tail keywords
  • CPC and market share data
  • Volume of keyword searches


Use of the Google Trends extension is free.

7. MozBar SEO

7. MozBar SEO

Users of MozBar may check SEO from within their browser with only one click.

When a webpage is accessed, metrics are available, and SERPs can be exported into a CRV file and assessed using analytics.

Features like keyword difficulty analysis, page optimization analysis, and SERP metrics evaluation are available with a MozBar Premium upgrade.

MozBar makes it easy to check your SEO effectively, saving time for busy SEO professionals.


  • Search using a customized engine, nation, area, or city.
  • Find out a site’s Page and Domain Authority quickly.
  • In SERPs, compare link metrics.
  • Highlight crucial phrases and distinguish between internal and external links that have been followed or not.
  • Display the HTML markup, page components, and HTTP status.
  • SERP analysis exported to CSV.


With up to three premium plans accessible on demand, Moz offers a free trial.

8. Keyword Surfer

8. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer might become your new favorite if you prefer to reduce the number of tabs and windows to a minimal.

You may view keyword volume information for each Google search result without switching between programmes thanks to this free addon.

Every search will include helpful information like CPC, related terms, visibility indicators, and on-page performance.


  • To provide you with the most pertinent material and raise the standard of the entire web, content strategy, creation, and SEO work together.
  • Create a content strategy for the upcoming months, find potential content quickly, and create engaging pages based on data-driven recommendations.


The four premium plans offered by Surfer start at $49 per month and are made to accommodate different corporate needs.

9. SEO Minion

9. SEO Minion

A versatile SEO tool is the SEO Minion plugin. Thanks to this feature, users can review on-page SEO statistics, identify external links, and find broken links.

Its most notable feature is the multilayer “People Also Ask” question export from the SERP.

This tool gives you access to pertinent long-tail queries that you may utilise to create new content.

This extension is special because it keeps adding additional tracking and analysis options in response to user feedback, making it appropriate for general activities and specialized requirements.


  • View the HTML of any page to improve On-Page SEO and identify problems.
  • Any webpage’s internal and external links will be highlighted and found.
  • Examine each link on a website for issues.
  • Return tags after validating them.


Use of SEO Minion is cost-free.

10. Link Redirect Trace

10. Link Redirect Trace

Since it can determine the path of the current URL on a landing page, the Link Redirect Trace Extension is a fantastic tool for link builders.

This makes it simple to identify any unnecessary redirects or bad codes.

In addition, the plugin will assess the URL’s response time, backlinks, and ability to be indexed, crawled, and accessed.


  • If robots.txt prohibits crawlers from accessing a particular page (checked via robots.txt or X-Robots-Tags in HTTP header).
  • Discovers the URLs that transmit cookies.
  • Verify each URL’s LRT Power and LRT Trus.
  • NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW tags are supported at every redirection phase.
  • Checks for further technical issues, such as bot blocking.


Link Redirect is a part of the Link Research tool, and it offers 4 premium subscriptions, with monthly costs starting at $599 and a $17 trial.

11. Instant Data Scraper

11. Instant Data Scraper

The SEO data mining tool Instant Data Scraper, often known as Scraper, was developed by WebRobots.

It streamlines internet research for the user and makes getting information from headings or links much simpler.

Without the need for technical skills, this extension uses AI to find any tabular or listed data on any website and scrape it.

The best approach to stay organized is to combine the data from several web pages into a single export file. Since WebRobots only operates in your browser, no information is transferred to it.

The scraper is ideal for routine SEO activities. It can work in tandem with a variety of SEO tools and uses artificial intelligence to gather relevant data from web pages.

You may quickly handle the correct data you need for your research by using this plugin, which will organise it into a CSV or XLS file.

Because Instant Data Scraper works with popular websites like Craigslist, Amazon, Home Depot, and Etsy as well as any others, retailers who use SEO greatly benefit from it.


  • Data extraction using AI.
  • Spotting dynamic data loaded.
  • Customize the waiting period and crawling delay
  • Paging a website.
  • Navigating a page using buttons or links.
  • Endless scrolling
  • Copy and paste with data preview.
  • Exporting an Excel or CSV file.
  • Column renaming and filtering for extracted data.


No coding skills are necessary to utilize Instant Data Scraper.

You can request an offer for more complex solutions, such as fully administering a web scraping service and developing your own robots.

12. Page Speed Insights

12. Page Speed Insights

A Google Webmaster Tools feature called PageSpeed Insights is an SEO tool that provides information on how quickly desktop and mobile websites load.

It assesses your website, assigns a score depending on its performance, and offers suggestions on how to make it operate more quickly.

This tool is one of our favorites because it shows you where to speed up your website and raise its search engine rating.


  • Keep track of the loading times of your website pages to improve on-page SEO performance.


The use of Google’s PageSpeed Insights is free.


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