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5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems and Repairs



5 Most Common Air-Conditioning Problems and Repairs

To keep your home or business comfortable during hot weather Air conditioning plays an important part. If the air conditioner in your home or business stops working because of some reason it can cause mental strain which causes a great impact on your health.

It’s vital to know all the common air conditioning problems so that you can take all the precautionary steps to avoid a huge Air Conditioning Repair Kansas City MO. Here are the five major Air conditioning problems and what is required in terms of their repairs.

This information can prove very valuable as it can help understand what to do in specific circumstances and what the best mode of action is when your air conditioner unit stops working.

1. Maintenance issues

Firstly, for quality air conditioning the maintenance of your air conditioner unit is extremely important. Any negligence in it can result in maintenance issues that can cause problems with your air conditioning units.

Components of AC hardware such as evaporator coils, condenser coils, and filters need regular cleaning; otherwise, they can lead to restricted air flow and severely reduced air quality.

Therefore, it is essential to replace filters every other month and wipe down evaporator and condenser coils to avoid costly and troublesome dust build-up.

2. Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerant leaks can be the most likely culprit for trouble maintaining a consistently cool temperature from your unit. Refrigerant is the fluid mixture inside your air conditioning unit that keeps things cold. When it leaks the magic of cooling fades away which results in causing great discomfort for you, especially in extreme temperatures.

To fix this problem, you’ll need to hire the services of a trained technician who can find and repair the leak so that you can add new refrigerant in a way that does not violate the manufacturer’s specifications while making sure there is no leakage in future, which will lead to optimal unit efficiency for quality air conditioning.

3. Drainage Issues

Drainage issues within your air conditioning unit are more often than not the result of one of the pipes connected to the unit having a clog. These clogs can lead to water back-up in both your unit which starts pouring out in your home, which can, in turn, cause a slew of expensive damage.

For smooth 24/7 air conditioning, you need to combat these problems, it’s good to have your drain lines cleared at least twice a year as a preventative measure.

You can do it yourself or hire the services of the technicians but make sure there are no clogs in the drainage ducts of your air conditioning units.


Just like any other frequently used electronic appliance, the delicate internal workings of air conditioners can wear out over time.

The components of air conditioners such as compressors, fans, and wire and terminal corrosion can stop working because of their usage. Once these components fail, the air conditioning system will stop working.

Therefore, it’s essential to add wire and terminal corrosion to your list of specific questions to inquire about when you bring someone in for your yearly service calls.

The quality of these components also proves pivotal as good-quality components are bound to provide you with the best air conditioning service experience

5. Faulty Wiring & Heat Sensor Problems

Bad wiring during installation can lead to the air conditioning system not getting the electricity it needs to function. Similarly, these faulty wires can also overload the electrical circuits and trip the circuit breakers. If low-grade circuit breakers are used that may result in causing a fire.

Apart from faulty wires heat sensor problems are predominant which affect the working of air conditioners significantly. Any malfunction in the thermostats can result in causing fluctuations in their readings which results in the gradual turning off and on of your air conditioners if the problems persist it can cause irreversible damage to your air conditioning units.

Other major issues:

Apart from the above-mentioned issues, there is a chance that you may encounter various other problems with your air conditioning some of these problems are minute but they can cause big damage if left unchecked, and some other problems are only understood by the professional technicians that have hands-on experience with these services, therefore, it is important and you hire the services of the professionals as opposed to normal DIY methods for quality air conditioning.


In conclusion, you must keep an eye on these potential problems to keep your air conditioning unit functioning correctly. You need to be prepared to face these problems If any of them ever come your way and you are unable to figure out the cause of that specific problem you should know that you can contact skilled contractors to fix these problems at a reasonable cost. These contractors have all the tools to carefully investigate your air conditioning system and can provide you with the best air conditioning repair experience.

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