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QR Codes Revolutionize Small-Scale Vendors as Paytm Drives ‘True Digital India’



QR Codes Revolutionize Small-Scale Vendors as Paytm Drives

(CTN News) – A recent social media sensation in Varanasi showcased the integration of Paytm QR codes into a humble idli vendor’s business, enabling him to accept digital payments on the go. Paytm, India’s leading mobile payments and financial services company, is spearheading the transformation of businesses nationwide by providing the convenience and security of mobile payments, thereby fostering financial inclusion.

Paytm QR code has empowered millions of individuals.

The innovative Paytm QR code has witnessed widespread adoption and empowered millions of individuals from diverse corners of India. The idli vendor in Varanasi captured attention online when he was seen accepting Paytm payments through his integrated QR code. Lalit Jayswal shared this remarkable occurrence on Twitter, stating, “Saw Paytm QR like this in Varanasi while having idli.

He accepted Paytm payment, not cash… India is truly digital, and it would be an immense pleasure for its founder to witness similar instances on the roadside.” This incident reflects the profound impact Paytm has made on digitizing small-scale businesses. Even a humble tadpole (ice apple) seller in Mumbai has adopted Paytm to receive payments.

NPCI CEO Dilip Asbe tweeted about the vendor

NPCI CEO Dilip Asbe tweeted about the vendor, stating, “Bought summer special to beat the Mumbai heat at Carter Road, Bandra using RuPay CC on UPI. With Digital Credit on UPI, street vendors can now accept credit money and be part of the credit ecosystem.”

Paytm users can conveniently make UPI payments through eligible RuPay credit cards, expanding the range of payment options available to vendors. Paytm’s influence extends beyond metropolitan areas, reaching the Ganga Ghaat in Rishikesh. There, an unschooled seller specializing in selling flower baskets and empty cans for collecting Gangajal was spotted accepting digital payments with the assistance of Paytm.

The widespread adoption of the Paytm QR code highlights India’s transition from a cash-dependent society to a digital-first economy. Millions of shopkeepers, street vendors, and service providers have embraced this revolutionary technology, as demonstrated by a Paytm QR code at Churchgate station in Mumbai, shared by Anurag Shah on Twitter.

His tweet said, “Digital payments have also reached the bottom of the pyramid. Came across this Paytm QR at Churchgate station.” Paytm’s innovation goes beyond QR codes. The company introduced Soundbox, a user-friendly device that announces payment confirmations through voice alerts.

This feature enables merchants to verify transactions easily without checking their smartphones, streamlining and enhancing the payment process. The widespread adoption of Paytm’s QR codes and Soundbox attests to their user-friendliness and convenience for merchants and consumers.

Paytm remains India’s leader in person-to-merchant UPI payments

With over 7.1 million Soundboxes deployed, Paytm remains India’s leader in person-to-merchant UPI payments. The company continues to drive the vision of a truly digital India, empowering businesses of all sizes and revolutionizing how transactions are conducted.

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