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Update 2.4 For PUBG Mobile: What’s New In The New Update?



Update 2.4 For PUBG Mobile: What's New In The New Update?

(CTN News) – In good news for PUBG Mobile fans, the company has announced a software update. Finally, PUBG Mobile has announced a number of updates for the upcoming version of the game.

As part of the update that rolled out on the 6th of January, there are updated outfits skins, improvements to firearms and vehicles as well as many other things. Here are some highlights from the conference.

Here are some of the highlights of the PUBG Mobile update 2.4

1) Bruce Lee and PUBG Mobile collaborate on PUBG Mobile

On the 10th of January, PUBG Mobile announced a collaboration with martial art master Bruce Lee as part of their ongoing series of events.

 Through this collaboration, players will be able to choose from a variety of iconic and amazing looks from Bruce Lee. In addition, they will have access to Bruce Lee themed emotes and various skins for vehicles, parachute skins, gun skins and much more!

2) In a new version of Metro Royale, Misty Port is now available

On January 9th, various supplies, transportation routes, and NPC enemies and bosses were added to the revamped Metro Royale mode in order to improve the overall gameplay experience.

With Metro Royale Cash, players will be able to purchase draw packs at Metro Royale’s Black Market for more premium firearms, up to level 3 armour, and helmets. These items are available on Metro Royale’s Black Market.

3) Traditional Chinese items were introduced in the martial showdown

It has been announced that PUBG Mobile will collaborate with the world martial art master BRUCE LEE for the release of its first martial art themed mode.

Players will be able to experience all-encompassing traditional Chinese culture through martial arts-related items, events, and themed areas scattered throughout the map in this updated mode.

It is possible to leap and dash your way through the brand-new martial art arenas by using the dancing lion vehicle, which allows you to make rapid transitions

4) Improvements in firearms & vehicles

It is also worth noting that PUBG Mobile 2.4 brings new firearms and improvements to vehicles.

There is something about the new Honey Badger by AAC that makes it ideally suited for close-quarters combat, with a high firing rate and 7.62mm ammo.

As well as allowing us to ride with friends, it also allows us to make new friends. Additionally, in this update 2.4, Polaris side-by-side vehicles have been introduced to the battlegrounds for the first time.


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