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PS VR2 Sold 38.4 Million Units Since Launch Topping All Sales Records In 2023

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PS VR2- In the console wars, Sony is currently in the lead. Its Xbox Series shipment volume has more than doubled, and its overall financial situation is sound.

Its hardware sales and overall revenues are growing dramatically despite a decline in software sales.

Despite keeping quiet about its recently released PS VR2, the company is on track to have the fastest VR headset sales of any platform, according to outside analysts.

Despite a slow start because of supply issues, Sony has succeeded with the PlayStation 5. Since its release, the top-selling home console has moved 38.4 million copies, more than tripling Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S sales of 18.5 million.

The PS5 also broke all quarterly sales records in the final quarter of its fiscal year, moving 6.2 million units, up from 2 million in Q4 FY2021.

PS VR2 19.1 million total units were shipped in FY2022, exceeding the beancounters’ prediction of 18 million

The business claims that because distribution inventories have returned to normal, it can deliver consoles to clients immediately.

Scalpers who accumulated PS5 stockpiles to capitalize on Sony’s initial restrictions are now sobbing over their purchases.

While hardware sales appeared to be doing well, Sony’s software business suffered.

Sales of video games fell to 68 million during the quarter from 70.5 million for the same time in 2021. Totals for the year decreased even further, from 303.2 million to 264.2 million.

The lack of quality PS5 titles is at least partly to blame for declined sales

Additionally, instead of creating games specifically for the next generation, studios seem stuck in a trend of creating them for the PS4 first, then polishing them for the PS5.

Despite a drop in software shipments, Sony’s combined gaming business has seen an increase in overall revenues.

The division’s income and total sales increased from $4.9 billion and $19.9 billion to $7.9 billion and $29 billion, respectively. Sony’s accountants expect healthy growth to continue in FY2023, with an increase of 7%.

They also anticipate that sales of gear, including as consoles and accessories, would rise in the upcoming year.

Sony combined PS VR2 sales with those of games and network services rather than highlighting them specifically.

Perhaps this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that the company was unsatisfied with the expensive accessory’s initial sales.

But according to estimates from outside sources, the company sold between 270,000 and 300,000 units in just its first month of operation. If those figures are correct, any VR headset is off to an outstanding start.

In its first four months on the market, Sony’s first-generation headset sold 915,000 copies. Similar to this, Meta’s Quest 2 sold almost one million copies in its first quarter (three months).

Thus, the PS VR2 is on the verge of becoming the VR headset that sells the fastest. It only requires new software, like its PS5 equivalent, to increase demand.

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