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Bet B2B: SaaS for the Online Gaming Industry and Betting Companies

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Bet B2B: SaaS for the Online Gaming Industry and Betting Companies

Bet B2B: Gambling is a dynamically developing competitive environment that unites: companies providing secure channels for payments; software vendors; operators; game developers; bookmakers and marketers.

The online gambling industry has always been driven by innovation and has a special place in the global economy.

Therefore, in order to build a modern business in the gambling industry, you need to have a whole team of IT professionals at your disposal.

So launching a high-quality and efficient platform on the network requires serious investments.

Statistics: In 2022, the global online gambling market was valued at $63.53 billion. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2023 to 2030.

Digitization and business access to the Internet, as well as the widespread use of mobile devices, increase the demand for online casinos and betting platforms.

And this is not surprising, because, for example, in 2022 in the United States, the Internet was integrated into the lives of 92% of people.

“Despite the huge amount of investment before starting any competitive business, ready-made B2B solutions will definitely be in demand in the next 5 years.

But there is a moment – investors are ready to invest serious money only if there are guarantees of a return on investment.

And this is possible only if there is a promising infrastructure. Turnkey Solutions (ready-made solutions) minimize the risks when launching an online platform, reduce the cost of software technical support, updates and maintenance.– Bet B2B experts shared with us.

Ready-made solutions for casinos and online bet platforms

By developing ready-made solutions, companies go far beyond games for the end user. The leaders in the B2B services market are necessarily developing in the following IT areas:

  1. Development of platforms optimized for client requests.
  2. CRM.
  3. CMS.
  4. Development of individual software solutions for a ready-made resource.
  5. Access to comprehensive solutions such as Turnkey Solution from bet-b2b com.
  6. Providing secure channels for receiving and sending funds.
  7. Flexible site administration systems and their further development.

If you need innovative solutions, then they are now provided in the form of SaaS (ready-made platforms for business).

Bet b2b betting platform: SaaS

As part of SaaS (software as a service), Bet B2B provides access to special software and specialized services. A platform of such a plan can be quickly installed.

The company’s clients receive important engagement tools that put the reins in the hands of platform managers, not hired developers.

Cloud solutions allow you to quickly add or remove the desired content with minimal investment. This is the ideal model for getting quick access to all solutions and tools at the start of a project.

If you are planning to create an effective online casino, bet-b2b com experts recommend going through three important steps:

  1. Get a license.
  2. Decide in which GEO you will work, as well as identify the value of the product. This step allows you to update the content, depending on the regional characteristics and preferences of the target audience.
  3. Study the market, and decide on what will be biased in your institution.

“All clients who want to get access to ready-made Bet B2B solutions must work out the business model and formalize it in accordance with all the rules when it comes to a new project.

But often we are approached by operators who have their own site. They want to integrate individual products to further develop and increase profits later.”, the bet b2b betting platform specialist notes.

Bet B2B – effective business solutions

To create a profitable online gambling and betting company, it is not necessary to have your own web portal, you can connect a ready-made platform with a large selection of settings.

The advantage of ready-made solutions from Bet B2B is that the organization provides a large number of tools for building an online business from scratch or improving an existing site:

  • Base of Bet-B2B games.
  • Access to the best games from over a hundred providers.
  • 182+ sports to bet on.
  • Top eSports events.
  • Bingo.
  • Casino.
  • More than 250 variations of receiving and sending payments.

Many customers highlight the possibility of obtaining technical support and the provision of a modern BetB2B infrastructure at each stage of business development. This helps a lot when the profit is not fixed yet.

The company provides such ready-made solutions:

  1. Retail solution
  2. Sportsbook iFrame (online sports betting).
  3. Turnkey Solution – Complete Solution

Retail solution

A multi-channel platform for managing classic bookmakers allows you to create a profitable business in a land-based establishment.

In addition, BetB2B specialists managed to combine the capabilities of a land-based betting institution and an online platform.

Therefore, it is also suitable for operators of sites on the Internet.

Sportsbook iFrame Bet-B2B

The optimal solution for international operators will enable the module in a few days thanks to API integration.

The client can use innovative software with a flexible design, a wide range of functionality, multilingual and multi-currency intuitive interface.

Such opportunities allow you to introduce the elements of your choice to the site and make a profit.

Turnkey Solution Bet B2B

A ready-made solution of this kind is suitable for online casino operators who have a legal and payment infrastructure, and of course a license.

This effective solution will help to build and organize the work of a competitive institution on the Internet in the shortest possible time.

IT solutions bet b2b betting platform

If you understand that the field of betting and gambling is yours, and you want to launch an effective business, or you want to improve an existing site, you will need to contact a reliable IT company. Bet B2B can become such a company. It provides access to various technological tools:

  • Back office. This solution works great if you need to monitor the flow of funds as part of client activity. Suitable for creating work accounts and transferring rights to edit a resource.
  • CRM is a system that allows you to analyze the activity of visitors to issue them with relevant bonuses and promotions. With its help, the site operator will be able to: communicate with gamblers; segment all customers; set up notifications and alerts.
  • CMS from Bet B2B is a tool that adjusts the location of important elements (promotions, banners, etc.) on the site for itself. It also allows you to create a promotional landing page.
  • Affiliate program is a tool that allows you to develop, configure and implement an affiliate network, optimize commission, and receive correct statistics.

All these tools have a high degree of efficiency, but the bet b2b betting platform does not provide separate access to them. You can use them and improve your gambling business if you order Turnkey Solution (ready-made platform).

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