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Minecraft 1.20: Making Decorated Pots



Minecraft 1.20: Making Decorated Pots

(CTN News) – Ancient elements have always been present in Minecraft, whether it’s the recently added ancient cities or mobs like skeletons.

With Minecraft 1.20’s new archaeology system, it’s taking center stage. Added new blocks, a tool, and decorated pots. While these features are great, the decorated pots are a prime example of creative potential.

They’re gonna be huge. Let’s figure out how to make decorated pots before these ancient items become mainstream.

How to Decorate Pots in Minecraft (2023)

Decorated pots are decorative blocks that form part of the new archaeological features in Minecraft 1.20. While they do not spawn in the world, they can be crafted using shards and bricks.

In conjunction with the new armor trims in Minecraft, the decorated pots are intended to increase the player’s ability to express themselves creatively.

With a unique symbol on each face of the pot, you can decorate your builds in a number of ways. Furthermore, since they are shaped like building blocks, the decorated pots are quite suitable for many house designs.

There are several types of decorated pots in Minecraft

According to the symbols on their faces, decorated pots fall into five distinct categories:

  • The symbol is not present

  • The archer

  • The skull

  • Let’s raise our arms

  • The prize

Keep in mind, however, that these types/ symbols are only visible on one side of the pot. Each pot has four unique sides, allowing you to mix different ingredients to create four distinct pottery shards.

Creating a decorated pot requires the following materials

Minecraft decorated pots require the following items:

  • The following number of pottery shards (any)

  • Four bricks

  • There is one crafting table

It is necessary to collect pottery shards in order to make a decorated pot with symbols on its face in. Please refer to our linked guide for assistance.

In the meantime, you will need bricks if you wish to create a standard decorated pot without symbols. When making a pot, it is important to keep in mind that you can combine bricks and pottery shards.

As far as the design of each face of the pot is concerned, Minecraft gives you complete creative freedom.

What is the best way to make bricks in Minecraft?

For a decorated pot without symbols, you will need bricks. To make a brick in Minecraft, follow these steps:

1. Clay blocks are generated on the surface of rivers, ponds, and oceans. The easiest way to locate them is to check the ponds in the lush caves biome.

2. Using a tool or your hand, break the clay block. When a clay block is mined, it drops four clay balls.

3. Place the furnace on a solid surface in Minecraft.

4. Using that furnace, smelt your clay balls into bricks. Any fuel can be used for this purpose.


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