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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get the Elder Wand



Hogwarts Legacy - How to Get the Elder Wand

The wizarding world is incomplete without wands, and in Hogwarts Legacy, you can decide which wand you will get from Mr.Ollivander’s wand shop.

But if you got your eye on a particular wand from the Harry Potter books and movies franchise, then you will have to try your luck to get them.

One of the most sought-after wands in the franchise is the Elder Wand, and the last known wizard to gain its possession is Harry Potter himself.

But you can now wield the legendary wand in the game as well. Here we will see how to get the Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get the Elder Wand

The Elder Wand is one of the rarest and trickiest wands to create and master, and only a handful of wizards and witches have succeeded in wielding it.

The true owner of the Elder Wand should not fear death, and many have tried to own its power. If you wish, you can also use the Elder Wand while playing Hogwarts Legacy, but you need to pass a quiz to get it.

To get the Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to create an account on the Wizarding World website. Once you do, it will take you to your profile, where you can choose your House, your Patronus, and your Wand.

You can check out all these options on the main profile page, or click on the wand option on the left side, underneath your profile picture.

This will take you to another page, where you have to answer some questions. To get the Elder Wand, you need to select the following replies.

  • Would you describe yourself as…
    • Select any option
  • And your eyes…
    • Blue
  • Was the day on which you were born…
    • Select any option
  • Do you most pride yourself on your…
    • Intelligence
  • Traveling alone down a deserted road… Do you continue…
    • Right towards the castle
  • Do you fear most…

You can select any of the following, it will determine the core of your wand.

  • Fire – Unicorn Core
  • Darkness – Phoenix Core
  • Heights – Dragon Core
  • In a chest of magical artifacts…

You can select any of the following, it will determine the core of your wand

  • Glittering Jewel – Unicorn Core
  • Bound Scroll – Phoenix Core
  • Silver Dagger – Dragon Core

The Elder Wand that you will use in the game will vary from the actual Elder Wand from the books and movies.

Instead of the Thestral tail hair core, which is very hard to attain, you can choose between the Unicorn, Phoenix, or Dragon core.

It will still be a powerful wand to help you through the early game quests.

To get the wand in the Hogwarts Legacy, you need to log in or create an account in WB Games.

Once you are in your profile, head over to the connections tab on the left side and scroll down till you can find the Harry Potter Fan Club link.

Link both accounts, then when the game is out, you can use the Elder Wand to help you cast spells.

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