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Exploring The Features And Unique Themes Of The Best Progressive Slots



Exploring The Features And Unique Themes Of The Best Progressive Slots

Slot machines have always been a favorite of casino enthusiasts. They are simple games to enjoy and can provide some of the biggest rewards. There are thousands and thousands to choose from, with numerous variations and mechanics used to try and make the experience different.

Before you play slot machines online you should know many things that will not only increase your enjoyment of the game but also increase the likelihood of winning. Playing by some of these rules can also ensure that you play more responsibly, which should always be encouraged.

The dream of many gamblers is to win a progressive jackpot in one of the games available at an online casino. This desire is understandable, as such winnings often reach the mark of several million dollars. Such an event can radically change a person’s life.

Exploring the offerings of online casinos, you will sooner or later come across the best progressive slots. Such machines tempt players with millions of winnings, but the biggest prizes are received only by the lucky ones.

Unlike conventional slot machines, where awards are formed based on the coefficients of symbols, the number of active lines, and multipliers rolled, the grand prize in the progressive slots is not subject to the general rules.

What is a progressive jackpot?

This is the accumulation of funds in the slot machine account. The price increases due to the players’ bets: a certain part of the amount of each “investor’s” contribution goes to the jackpot fund. As a rule, it is from 1% to 5%.

For this reason, progressive slots have a lower RTP. And because the chance to hit the jackpot is low, its size over time can reach several hundred thousand dollars and even exceed the mark of 10 million.

Online slots, which have a similar bonus, are called progressive. When the chosen one of fate, which is always a random user, wins a super-prize, the bank is reset to a predetermined number, and the accumulation begins again.

How to find out the current jackpot amount

You can check the potential amount of the jackpot at any time, as it is displayed on a special counter above the playing field of the machine, and sometimes on the main page of the site.

The progressive jackpot in online slots: when and who is awarded

The rules for awarding cumulative rewards may vary, but usually, the situations are as follows:

  • completely random prize, the fall of which depends neither on the actions of the player nor on the outcome of the rotation;
  • when making a certain combination of symbols (as in the case of the regular jackpot);
  • in a bonus game.

Cumulative jackpot levels

In many cases, several progressive jackpots of different sizes are played on the same machine. Naturally, the smaller the amount, the greater the chances that the user will break the prize when the jackpot round is triggered.

The most common division of jackpots into levels:

  • Mini (mini) – a small amount, you can win several times in one session.
  • Minor (small) – is usually a few hundred dollars.
  • Major (major) – several thousand dollars.
  • Mega – the largest prize of several million dollars.

The growth of each of the four jackpots can be watched live: their amounts are usually displayed at the top of the software during the session

How to win the progressive jackpot

Before you decide whether to play the jackpot game, you should know how to claim the fateful sum. If it were easy, many players would be pluses and online casinos would be bankrupt.

Important: whether you will win (and what size prize you will get) or not depends on luck – strategy and mathematical calculations cannot guarantee a 100% victory.

However, some actions are still able to slightly increase your chances of achieving your desired goal, as well as extend the life of your bankroll:

  • Run real jackpot games;
  • Always read the rules of the game – you need to know the exact conditions under which you can win the jackpot;
  • Pay attention to Must Hit jackpot slots, where drawing dates are approved well in advance;
  • Taking advantage of other players’ experiences will also be a great decision – visiting casino forums and social networking groups will help you find a reliable site offering the best jackpot games;
  • progressive games have similar rewards, but they have different payouts, so make sure that the game you want to play is worth your time and money;
  • Jackpot slots tend to have higher stakes than standard machines, so think about whether your budget allows you to run these games;
  • Play responsibly, and setting (personal) loss limits can help.

Pros and cons of the game

Slots with a progressive jackpot are extremely popular because they can change a person’s life in just one spin. But this is not their only advantage. Let us highlight a few more positive points:

  • available 24/7;
  • the jackpot size is for the most part not fixed, which means that it can reach a simply fabulous mark;
  • There’s no need to bet big every time to contribute to an ever-increasing reward;
  • The progressive jackpot in the slots heralds exciting, adrenaline-filled gameplay;
  • ideal for fans of high-risk games.

There is also the other side of the coin. Let us not hesitate to point out the disadvantages of these gambling games:

  • Smaller payouts in the main game;
  • Sometimes it is necessary to make a bet of a certain size (for example, max bet) to be eligible to compete for the jackpot;
  • RTP percentage is usually lower because part of the bet goes to the prize pot, which means the casino will have a higher advantage.

Will progressive jackpots be the future of online slots?

It could be argued that progressive jackpot slots are not as popular as other available online video slots, but there is every chance that they could become one in the future.

While many like to play to try to achieve the maximum possible wins, many enthusiasts have realized that they can spend an enjoyable session playing their favorite games, whether they have a progressive jackpot or not.

Nevertheless, as more and more of these slots continue to be released by developers, chances are that these games are growing in terms of their popularity, especially as they continue to offer lucrative rewards!

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