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Does Live Betting Offer You Better Odds?



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Live betting brings with it a whole host of advantages. It can add an extra element of excitement to watching the game, and it also offers more privacy than many typical ways of betting do. In many ways, it offers the best of both worlds: it gives you a chance to play your preferred casino games like slots and tables without having to worry about leaving your home, for example.

But the one question that is frequently uppermost in people’s minds when they think about live betting is this: does it provide you with better odds, or in other words, a better chance to win? Read on to find out.

What is live betting?

Live betting refers to the practice of being able to place new bets once a game has already started. That is why it is also referred to as in-game betting. Providers like Betsafe live offer live betting as a way of increasing the flexibility that bettors can enjoy, and also increase the opportunities for participation. If you were unable to get your bet in before the game, due to work or other commitments, you can still get involved once the game has started, and it’s also great for those who feel that their insights develop once the game is already underway.

The widespread availability of live betting is something of a diversion from previous practices. In the past, it was common for the book to be closed once the game began. In fact, it was considered something close to sacrosanct that the game should play out without any further bets being made. Live betting has made the betting landscape look fairly unrecognizable compared to what went before, and it’s now possible to bet at various intervals during games, or even on a close to the rolling basis.

Does it offer better odds?

There’s a lot of heated debate in the gambling world about just what live betting can offer when it comes to potentially improved odds. The bad news is that ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer. Some say the edge goes to the sportsbook in live betting situations, while others believe it gives an advantage to the bettor.

The key issue is the flow of information. Once a match is underway, there’s plenty of information that can be used to decide odds, such as goals scored so far, or the general on-pitch atmosphere. But who benefits most from this information? Theoretically, it’s the same question as who benefits from pre-match information like line-ups, recent form, and even the weather – just with the time slot changed.

A sportsbook might be able to adjust its prices to keep an advantage based on the latest information, but a bettor can also factor this information into their decision on which outcomes to choose. Ultimately, it’s still down to chance: all the information in the world can’t guarantee a win when betting.

And does it matter?

On that note, there’s also an extent to which it might not even matter. After all, betting is supposed to be a fun activity, providing added entertainment on top of just enjoying the game. Seeking out top odds can perhaps turn the experience into an overly strategic one rather than the enjoyable one it’s supposed to be.

While it’s entirely natural to search for good odds, you might not necessarily be able to be as strategic as you expect in the betting world. So much is still left to chance, and there are quite a few bettors who would say that the experience and thrill are more important than a never-ending search for the best odds. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you seek better odds through live betting – but it’s well worth keeping everything in context and remembering that you may not ever be able to achieve that goal.

In conclusion, live betting within games is far from a panacea suddenly providing bettors with their day of glory. While some bettors might like to think that the increased flow of information around live betting odds means that they work in the bettor’s favor, that doesn’t factor in the fact that the sportsbook can also benefit from this information.

In the end, it seems like live betting doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. The sportsbook, as a private business with a need to make a profit, will always ensure it has an advantage. As a bettor, your task is to enjoy yourself when betting and accept that you can’t control the outcomes – and then go from there.


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