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The Benefits of Online Gambling Real Money

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Real Money

Many passionate players who love video games and especially online casinos are wondering whether they should stick to free games available just for fun, or they should give it a try to real money play? It has already been proved that online gaming for real money can be safe and secure if the platform is reliable enough. So, safety is no longer an issue.

Instead, many gamers ask themselves if they are experienced enough to only play for real money? Video game experts prefer to play to get advanced characters and items, and can actually make money within the game, completing quests, increasing their level, and then selling the skins and items to other players. As for online casino gamblers, the question about real money play is more essential for newbies who only make their first steps in casino games. To answer the question about real money play, one should consider the main benefits awaiting them.

Why Real Money Gambling Makes Sense

One of the most obvious reasons why real money play makes perfect sense is because the player can win real cash! Playing one’s favourite games, spending time entertaining, and winning cash sound like a perfect pastime. But this is not the only benefit of real money gambling.

Bonuses & Promotions

Talking about online casinos, depositing own funds in order to make bets makes the customer eligible for a whole ecosystem of bonuses and promotions inside the casino. Many bonuses actually depend on the size of the deposit, other promotions like Cashback unlock only if the customer has made one or more deposits to the platform.

Depositing funds means the customer takes it seriously, so the casino feels safe offering them a cash bonus, free spins, or other rewards. Of course, some platforms offer No Deposit Bonuses in the form of free cash or free spins, to lure new customers in, but in order to withdraw any winnings gained by wagering the No Deposit Bonus, the player will still have to deposit. In the end, it is depositing real money that leads to more promotions, and therefore more chances of winning.

Full Set of Features

Online casinos (网上赌场 – chinese) alike offer a full set of features – or any advanced features – only to customers who pay the price to play on the platform. Be it a deposit to the casino, or a subscription fee to access favourite video games, paying for fun means you get the best functions and features, and the best user experience possible. At web casino sites, full features mean increased possibilities, and more chances of winning an impressive sum. So, this is something worthy of paying for.

Customer Support

While this type of benefit can make some players disappointed or angry, the fact remains – paying customers to get more dedicated Customer Support than non-paying players who use Demo mode or a Free version of the game. In fact, many visitors cannot even access Customer Support otherwise than by email, unless they register a real money account. While this is a poor user experience policy, it still exists.

On the other hand, depositing players not only have faster access to Customer Support, but they are also usually offered more than one channel – including email, Live Chat, phone call, callback, snail mail, etc. Some platforms even offer personal Customer Support managers to loyal players who have been on the platform for months/years, or who pay more than average for the services.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty program, also called VIP program or VIP Club, is a widespread feature at online casinos. Depositing players get enrolled into the VIP program automatically upon making their first deposit. According to the rules, every real money bet they make earns them Comp Points. As the Comp Points accumulate, the account gets promoted along the VIP Club ladder. Usually, popular VIP casino sites have account levels, from zero to ten or more, depending on the casino operator. When the account reaches a certain VIP level, new features are unlocked for the player – like exclusive bonuses, personal manager, additional rewards, etc.

Similar Loyalty programs can be found in some video games, but for video games, the account level depends more on action than payments. Also, gamers can actually upgrade their gaming characters by paying for that. At casinos, the player cannot simply pay to upgrade their account.

Exclusive Games & Experience

Talking about casino sites, making deposits unlocks another very important feature. In case you did not know that – only certain categories of games are available for free at online casinos. If you use Demo mode or wager No Deposit bonus, you will not get access to Live Dealer games, some table games, progressive jackpots, and exclusive things like VR games or cryptocurrency games.

These games are only available to those customers who make real funds deposits to the platform and bet real money on games. This way, even players who grab No Deposit cash or free spins cannot enjoy all the user experience the casino can offer. Only real money play gives access to all games on the platform.

How to Increase the Odds of Winning

While in video gaming, the victory depends mostly on the player’s skill, this is not the case with online casino games. Or rather, not with all casino games. In games of skill, like card games, the player can improve the odds with the help of their knowledge, skills, and experience.

However, if you prefer games of chance – that is, slots, progressive jackpots, video poker, and the majority of table games, and you want to make real money bets – you need to know how to increase the odds. For this, read the tech specs of the game, pay attention to the Return to Player Rate, volatility, the number of pay lines, Scatter and Wild symbols, and so on. It also makes sense to apply some simple betting strategies. These steps will help you increase the odds in your favour.


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