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Banking Methods You Can Use for Online Gambling



Banking Methods You Can Use for Online Gambling

Playing slots, table games, specialties and other games with real money requires you to transfer the funds to your online casino.

Decent online gambling platforms like accept wide ranges of payment methods, and today, we will guide you through the most popular options of topping up your balance.

Online Banking

Transferring the funds to the casino straight from one’s bank account is an extremely popular option in most countries around the globe.

You can use the application of your bank on your smartphone to get the transaction finished in seconds. Some gambling sites offer an even faster way of depositing by redirecting you to a payment approval page.

Making the transaction via your bank is easy and intuitive, and you won’t need to take any additional steps to deposit or withdraw.

The banking option comes with no fees, while the operations are processed rather quickly. Deposits via online banking will reach your account immediately, while withdrawals won’t usually take longer than a couple of banking days to be processed.


Setting up an e-wallet for your online gambling is a good way to mitigate the risks of losing your funds or data.

Many users are concerned about their security when sharing their financial details with online casinos, so they create e-wallets for such transactions.

Most decent casinos accept e-wallets both for deposits and withdrawals, so you won’t be very limited in your operations.

It is also important to mention that there are different e-wallets popular in different regions and countries.

Thus, international casinos might not accept e-wallets that are popular in your area. In case you are going to join an offshore casino, make sure it accepts your specific e-wallet.

There are no fees for using e-wallets at online casinos, but in most cases, there will be a fee for using the e-wallet itself.

When adding up its balance from your card or sending the winnings back to your bank account, you should be ready to pay a small fee.

Prepaid Cards

Another great way to increase your security while depositing at an online casino relates to buying a prepaid voucher.

These are cards that you can find in your local shops. They are sold in your nearby shops for the specific value which is stated on their face. On the inside, these cards contain a secret code that is used to transfer the value of the card online.

While being a super-secure method for deposit, prepaid cards are not available for withdrawals, making them essentially useless for many gamblers.

In case you win and decide to cash out, you will need to set up a regular banking option anyway.


As the popularity of cryptocurrencies keeps growing, more and more gambling platforms are starting to accept them for transactions.

Operating with cryptos is a bit less intuitive than with all the other methods, as you will have to manually transfer the cryptocurrency to the casino.

When depositing, you will be given the crypto wallet of the gambling site and you’ll need to use your own crypto wallet to send the specified sum of cryptocurrency.

Bank Transfers

Direct bank transfers are another option available at most online casinos. However, it is less popular than the others, as the transaction terms are quite inconvenient for most users.

First of all, the minimum deposit and withdrawal limits for operations via bank transfers are higher than with all other methods.

Secondly, many casinos have fees for withdrawals via bank transfers, and these fees may reach up to 2.5% of your cash out. Last but not least, the processing time is longer than with other methods.

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