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The Dark Horses of the World Poker Championships



The Dark Horses of the World Poker Championships

Each better has his discipline, betting on which he devotes all his free time. One of these sports is poker, which hosts tournaments with the largest prize pools.

For this reason, the competition between rivals goes to a whole new level. Betters should familiarize themselves with who will perform at the next championship to know exactly which of the players is better to bet on.

Who will play during the next October Nine?

To make a profitable bet, you need to find a reliable bookmaker with an excellent reputation. A proven site will offer online betting live with a minimum margin, which you should use. The advantage of live betting is that bettors can earn income by closely following the events taking place in the match. As a result, the better will have the largest odds even for the tournament leader.

At the table in October Nine will gather:

  • a broker from New York;
  • WSOP debut student;
  • and a professional poker player.

You should start with the darkest horse, which is the jelly, Jacob Balsiger. He has been playing at poker tournaments relatively recently but has already managed to make himself known.

The best results in the WSOP before the upcoming match allowed him to enter the top 100 players. In the No-Limit Hold’em format, the young man managed to earn only $1,500.

There is very little information about Jacob before the start of the tournament. The guy is only 21 years old and he continues his studies at the University of Arizona. The guy dreamed of taking part in a poker tournament since high school.

He has been fond of poker for several years, but the activity did not bring him enough money before to devote all his free time to it. In the final of the tournament, the student will play with the eighth stack.

Michael Esposito

Michael is a New York-based broker who has already managed to show quite good results at the poker tables.

Among the distinguishing features of this player should be noted are excellent self-discipline and endurance. His morning begins with a mandatory run, after which he heads to the office. The daily pool helps the broker stay in good physical shape.

Poker began to take an important place in Michael’s life relatively recently. Initially, he became interested in seven-card stud, after which he moved on to hold’em. Michael began to take part in tournaments relatively recently.

He is not ready to sacrifice work, but in the summer, when he took a vacation, he went to the Main Tournament. Each trip was well prepared. Michael meets the final of the tournament with the sixth stack.

Robert Salaburu

The only pro at the poker table in the upcoming final will be Robert Salabura, a native of Texas. The young man has been playing poker for over 6 years.

During this time, his main success was participation in 4 tournaments and 1 ITM in poker. The guy devoted too much time to his hobby, so he failed to pass the exams at the university, which led to a return to his native Texas from Florida.

Robert’s parents offered him a job or go to college again, but the guy stubbornly insisted on his own and believed in success.

Despite periodic losses, the guy was able to earn the first 17,000 on poker during the North American Poker Tour.

A few weeks later, he won another inexpensive tournament in the local series. It was at such championships that the guy decided to hone his skills in anticipation of larger events. He enters the final of the current tournament with the seventh stack.

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