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Bangkok’s Yaowarat Road Decked Out For Chinese New Year

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Thailand's Bangkok Road Yaowarat Decked Out For Chinese New Year

(CTN NEWS) –  BANGKOK – Today, two days before the Chinese New Year, Chinese Thais crowded one street in Bangkok for the “day for shopping.”

According to Nation Thailand, the Chinese New Year festivities will continue on Bangkok’s Yaowarat Road through February 15.

Chinese Thais typically purchase food, other offerings for the gods, and gifts for family members on their “day of shopping.”
The “day to pay homage,” which falls on a Saturday, is when Chinese people worship to the gods and honour their ancestors.

The “day for visiting” is another name for Chinese New Year’s actual day, which occurs on Sunday this year. On this day, people visit their relatives and go out to rejoice with them, as the name implies.

Thailands Bangkok Road Yaowarat 1

/ NationThailand

On Chinese New Year’s Day, young people typically give their senior relatives gifts, including four oranges.

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals in Thailand because of the country’s sizable ethnic Chinese community. Because the celebration dates correspond to the moon’s phases, the festival is also known as Lunar New Year.

Between January 21 and February 20, a new moon and celebrations may continue until the next full moon.

Chinese families gather for supper feasts and ceremonies honoring ancestors and gods during the Chinese New Year.

The Lunar New Year is a significant holiday not only in China and among Chinese communities worldwide, but also in various other East Asian and Southeast Asian nations, like Vietnam and Korea.

Thailands Bangkok Road Yaowarat 2

/ NationThailand

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The Chinese Lunar New Year is known as the Spring Festival or Chnjié in Mandarin. Vietnamese call it Tt, and the Koreans call it Seollal.

Thailand’s communities are getting ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Chinese Thais are using red lanterns to decorate their homes and businesses.

There are also fireworks shows, dragon and lion parades, dance, and theatre performances.


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