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Chinese Scientist Supports COVID Lab-Leak Theory Contrary to Government Denial



Chinese Scientist Supports COVID Lab-Leak Theory Contrary to Government Denial

(CTN News) – The possibility of a COVID lab leak has been advised against, according to a prominent Chinese government scientist.

According to the BBC, Professor George Gao, a former head of China’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC), disagrees with the Chinese government’s denial that the illness may have originated in a Wuhan laboratory.

Former Head of China’s CDC Supports the Possibility of a Wuhan Lab-Leak

Prof. Gao was instrumental in the pandemic reaction and efforts to identify its source as the head of China’s CDC.

According to the world’s foremost virologist and immunologist, “suspecting anything” is par for the course in the scientific method.

Anything can be a possible suspect. True science. Don’t discount the possibilities. Gao, the professor.

Professor Gao allegedly provided a “possible sign” that the Chinese government “may have taken the lab leak theory more seriously than its official statements suggest” during a BBC webcast.

The current vice president of China’s National Natural Science Fund has implied that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) is under “official investigation.”

His own organization, the China CDC, was left out of whatever the government had planned.

He agreed that “another branch of government” had performed a “formal search of the WIV,” one of China’s top national laboratories known to have devoted years to investigating COVID.

According to him, “Yeah,” the lab’s results were examined again by “the experts in the field.”

The story states that Professor Gao has “heard” that the laboratory has been given a clean bill of health, despite his protests that he has not seen the results.

This is the first time there has been formal confirmation of an investigation.

I believe they have determined that all protocols are being adhered to. The investigation has turned up nothing,” he emphasized.

Lack of Conclusive Evidence Leaves COVID Origins Question Open, Says Prof Gao

The first is the consensus among experts that the virus probably spread from bats to humans through other species.

However, other researchers argue that more research is needed to definitively determine whether or not the virus was spread by a human participant in an experiment designed to better understand the risks associated with naturally occurring viruses.

Prof. Gao’s statements, on the other hand, appear to be at odds with the official Chinese position.

“The so-called ‘lab leak’ is a lie created by anti-China forces,” the Chinese embassy in the UK said in a statement. It’s entirely based on politics and has no foundation in science.

The Chinese government has been pushing a weird, unsubstantiated third theory despite the anarchy surrounding this debate.

Chinese authorities said, “The virus didn’t come from the lab or the market but may have been brought into the country on frozen food packaging.”

Prof. Gao’s comments could be seen as the more scientific version of the Chinese government’s argument since he does not rule out the laboratory or the marketplace.

Both rest on the premise that evidence is insufficient.

Professor Gao states, “The question of where the virus came from is still open.”

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