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‘Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival’ To Held Opening Ceremony At Paragon Cineplex On Jan 20



'Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival' To Held Opening Ceremony At Paragon Cineplex On Jan 20

(CTN NEWS) – BANGKOKThe Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2022 will be put on by the Ministry of Culture of Thailand in collaboration with the Government, the Federation of National Film Societies, and the corporate sector.

The dates are 20–25 January 2023, and the opening ceremony will take place on January 20 on the fifth level of the Bangkok Paragon Cineplex.

Among the events are the screenings of three classic movies, 14 ASEAN short films, and 8 ASEAN feature films in addition to 5 high-caliber ASEAN movies that have won prestigious honors.


For the 8th consecutive year, this tournament is being held.

To advance the policy of boosting “soft power,” Thainess and Thai creative industries to become the hub of Asian film production and advance the globalization of the ASEAN film market.

The main objective is to promote Thai tourism through film scenes.


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