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Tattoo Artist’s Epic Fail Leaves Thai Woman with 4 Eyebrows

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A woman in Thailand made a huge mistake when choosing a tattoo artist to get permanent eyebrows. She walked out with 4 eyebrows.

A talented tattoo artist saw her story on Facebook and is offering to fix the mistake for free.

The story was shared on a famous Facebook page in Thailand called อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 3. “If you want to be famous, here you go part 3”  The page posted the story hoping to warn others to choose their tattoo artists carefully.

The Facebook post said ‘this is an eyebrow tattoo fail that has affected the woman’s confidence big time. She wanted to look more beautiful but received the opposite of what she wanted.

The Facebook page shared pictures of the tattoo and stated “Warning for beauty lovers, if you are not skilled enough please don’t accept the job.

Tattoo Artist to Fix Eyebrows for Free

“Thank you to the new tattoo artist named Mom who will try to fix the mistake”. “Let’s give her some encouragement and she will become beautiful again.” the new tattoo artist posted.

“I will fix it for free because I understand how it feels when you expect to look more beautiful but something ends up wrong. As well as paying for the mistake, you wasted time as well”.

This message is to inform tattoo artists that if you do not know how to do their job properly, then don’t do it.

Usually the price to fix this is about 10,000 Baht but I will help this case for free. I will be meeting her this week.

Hopefully I can help her and she can become confident again. This happens often not just on eyebrow tattoos but all tattoos in general. It takes practice and proper training to become a good artist.

As with all jobs, never accept a task you are not skilled enough to complete. The customer will walk out unsatisfied and in this case feel as if her beauty has been destroyed. The artist will also gain bad reputation that pushes any future customer away.

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