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Woman Breaks Nearly Every Bone in Her Face in Koh Samui Thailand



Woman breaks nearly every bone in face in Thailand

A student is seeking assistance in paying her sister’s medical bills after she was involved in a horrific accident while on vacation in Koh Samui, Thailand. Jo Hoffman of the UK was in Thailand when she fell off her hired scooter, breaking nearly every bone in her face.

She is currently being treated in a hospital on Koh Samui by medical experts from Bangkok.

She has since discovered that her travel insurance does not cover her, and her medical bills could exceed £50,000. The total amount required is already £35,000. In an effort to assist, well-wishers have raised approximately £11,000.

Ms Hoffman, 28, a social worker, had arrived in Thailand with her boyfriend in early December. She had been planning a long trip and hoped to visit New Zealand later.

The couple hired a scooter for a day of exploring on December 7, but it skidded on some sand in the road, according to her sister Geneva Hoffman. Despite the fact that she was wearing a helmet, Jo sustained serious injuries.

She also injured her arm and broke four discs in her spine.

Nothing could have prepared her for the sheer force of the crash, she said on a fundraising page, which flung her into the air and drove her face into the concrete floor. “Neither of us lost consciousness, but I wish I had,” she wrote.

“My head was buzzing, my heart was racing, and blood was dripping from every orifice imaginable, but I couldn’t recognize my own voice.”

She was eventually taken to the hospital, where she was informed of her injuries and told that she required emergency facial reconstruction and that her jaw might need to be wired shut.

“But time just ticked by as they vigorously checked travel insurance documents while I lay there in agony waiting for treatment,” she wrote.

“My heart was broken when we were told that our insurance policies were invalid and that my Amex card did not provide the protections I thought it did.

“I recognize that I am fortunate to be alive, but the mounting medical bills that are presented to me on a daily basis fill my heart with dread and fear, knowing that such a sum of money will take me a lifetime to repay.”

Geneva, who created the fundraising page, described her sister as a sensible person, a worrier, and someone who usually looks after everyone else.

She said her sister had got confused about what the policies protected her for and that her type of Amex card was not one that offered travel insurance as she had thought.

“There isn’t much we can do other than try to fundraiser and take that worry away from her,” she explained.

“I’d like to thank everyone for all of their help so far.”

According to the BBC, Jo’s boyfriend was not seriously injured in the crash and is still in Thailand caring for her.

Help Jo Recover and Get Home from Thailand

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