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A Record-Breaking Growth Of Japanese Restaurants in Thailand



A Record-Breaking Growth Of Japanese Restaurants in Thailand

(CTN News) – This year, there were 5,325 Japanese Restaurants in Thailand, up 955 from 4,370 in 2021, according to Jetro. It said that the growth of Japanese eateries has been noticeable in Bangkok and the nearby regions.

According to Jetro, however, it is now feasible to locate Japanese Restaurants in every province as of 2019. I’m pleased to see more Japanese Restaurants developing in Thailand.

According to Jun Kuroda, president of Jetro Bangkok, “[they] provide a fantastic chance for Japanese cuisine lovers to sample Japan’s delectable delicacies and increase the market for Japan’s food sector.

In addition to facilitating the import of high-quality agricultural and culinary goods from Japan to Thailand, Jetro Bangkok will continue to promote Japanese cuisine among Thais.

According to Jetro’s most recent poll, 1,404 new Japanese restaurants debuted in Thailand this year, of which 448 served sushi, 263 served Japanese food, and 185 served ramen.

However, this year saw the closure of 105 Japanese restaurants in Thailand, a far lesser amount than the 231 eateries forced to shutter their doors in 2021 because of the Covid-19 problem, according to Jetro.

Restaurant owners that participated in the survey’s interview component said that sales had increased to around 70%–90% of pre–pandemic levels in 2022.

Other difficulties restaurants face include the growing expenses of labor and supplies, the commission charged by meal delivery services, and its persistent allure.

The “Made in Japan: Genuine Japanese Raw Materials” campaign, which runs from November 1 to February of the following year, is one of many promotions Jetro stated its Bangkok office initiated to increase sales of Japanese goods and services. 236 Japanese Restaurants in Thailand will get Japanese beef, pork, and seafood, thanks to the promotion.

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