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Ukraine Attack on Russian Forces Destroys 20-30 Tanks



Ukraine Attack on Russian Forces Destroys 20-30 Tanks

Russian military forces have suffered heavy losses having an entire battalion wiped out by Ukrainian forces at the Donets River.

Ukraine forces destroyed a pontoon bridge the Russian troops were using to try to cross the river, Ukrainian and British officials said in another sign of Putin’s struggle to salvage a war gone awry.

The satellite photos of its aftermath have caused a sensation around the world. The satellite pictures show destroyed tanks, armored vehicles, and other Russian military equipment on the banks of the Donets River that runs from Kharkiv to Donbas in eastern Ukraine.

The Russians lost between 25 and 30 armored vehicles, according to satellite photos.

Russia and Ukraine have fought ferociously over rivers in the past. The Dnieper and Donets rivers act as natural defenses against the Russian advance.

At the strategically crucial Irpin River near Kyiv, Ukrainian forces prevented the Russians from crossing several times during the Battle of Kyiv.

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The first war crimes trial in the conflict began Friday in Ukraine. A captured Russian soldier has been accused of killing a 62-year-old civilian in the early days of the war.

As the trial of Russian military officials got underway, Russia’s offensive in the Donbas, Ukraine’s industrial heartland, has become a grinding war of attrition.

According to the British Defense Ministry, Russia lost “significant armored maneuver elements” of at least one battalion tactical group during the attack. There are around 1,000 troops in a Russian battalion tactical group.

In a daily intelligence update, the ministry wrote that conducting river crossings in a contested environment is a highly risky maneuver and underlines the pressure that Russian commanders are under to move forward with their operations in eastern Ukraine.

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