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Video of Pretties in Fish Tanks Goes Viral in Thailand

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pretties in fish tanks thailand

Customers at a newly-opened aquarium shop in Bangkok’s Chatuchak market got an eyeful of more than just exotic fish in fish tanks on their recent trip to the popular weekend market.

Instead, tropical fish enthusiasts were treated to sexy bikini-clad models kneeling in huge fish tanks with only their heads and arms out of the water.

The models were seen in video clips bopping along to the loud music, flashing occasional smiles, and sharing the tanks with expensive Arowanas and other fish.

As part of its opening day festivities, the shop hired the pretties and had them as part of its grand opening.

On its website, ArowanaMall states that it is the world’s largest dragon fish producing farm, exporting the fish too many countries, including China, South Korea, Canada and Japan.

Fish shop owner Ratchatapan Chiaochan posted a video on Facebook on Wednesday (July 20), stating, tongue in cheek: “The fish here are really beautiful.”

The 26-second video by Chiaochan has received more than 5.9 million views and over 13,000 comments, with many Facebook users over the pretties in the tanks.

Despite this, not all marketers in Thailand are rewarded for their efforts.

It was reported in 2021 that a Thai woman was charged with violating the law when she hawked watermelons on the side of the road wearing a bikini.

NewsFlare reported that police slammed her sexy sales tactics after seeing her videos on social media.

Afterwards, she was let off with a fine.

Meanwhile, an operator of a claw machine drew criticism for placing models inside the machines among the prizes, dressed only in bikinis.

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