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Bill Gates Affair with Russian Woman Exposed



Bill Gates Affair with Russian Woman Exposed

(CTN News) – The Microsoft co-founder’s Bill Gates alleged affair with a Russian bridge player was used as a threat, according to The Wall Street Journal, by wealthy financier and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

When the woman was in her twenties, Epstein learned about the romance and used it as leverage against Bill Gates, then one of the world’s wealthiest people.

Bill Gates’ Relationship with Epstein: Philanthropy and Fallout

While Bill Gates first met the woman in 2010, Epstein came upon her in 2013 and paid for her to attend a computer programming school.

In an email sent to Bill Gates in 2017, Epstein asked to be reimbursed for the cost of the coding course and hinted that he might reveal the affair if Bill Gates cut ties with him.

Epstein tried to capitalize on his relationship with Bill Gates, but a spokeswoman for Bill Gates said that their meetings were for charitable purposes only.

Since 2006, allegations of Epstein’s sexual abuse of minors have persisted. He entered a guilty plea in 2008, was imprisoned, and was officially labeled a sex offender. After being arrested for sex trafficking in 2019, Epstein tragically took his own life while awaiting trial.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, now 67 years old, confessed he met with Epstein to talk about charity but now sees that as a mistake.

Epstein said he knew people who could help the Bill Gates Foundation raise money for their global health projects. Gates severed relations with Epstein after realizing their talks had not produced the anticipated results.

Mila Antonova is the suspected Russian bridge player. Antonova didn’t say much, but she did say that she assumed Epstein was just a prosperous businessman eager to lend a hand when they first met.

Other Microsoft Connections: Epstein’s Meetings with Nathan Myhrvold

Epstein actively sought out relationships, only to abandon them when they went sour. In 2011, Gates and Epstein met more than a dozen times, with activities ranging from dinners in Epstein’s New York townhouse to a flight on his private plane.

Gates and Epstein met with other billionaires in New York City for a good chunk of a day in September 2014. Gates and Antonova, a software engineer and passionate bridge player, became fast friends.

Antonova approached Epstein for finance for her online bridge teaching firm through Boris Nikolic, a close friend and science adviser to Gates.

Antonova tried to get a loan for a programming course, but her attempts at getting finance fell through, so Epstein paid for it instead.

Epstein also conferred with Microsoft CEO Nathan Myhrvold. Nikolic apologized to the people Epstein hurt for having ever known him.

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